Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rules for Summer Subway Riding


1- to be sweaty. Everyone is, so don't be ashamed.

2- to mop up your face with a paper towel. We understand, and even envy you for thinking of packing a paper towel.

3- to talk about the heat. Everyone does. We're all in it. We all suffer together. It's a way to "vent." HAHA

NOT allowed:

1- to allow your skin to touch other people's skin. Yes, we're all in tight quarters. Yes, seats are rare and precious. Go ahead and sit but bring your elbows up and in because, as sweaty as we all are, no one should have to feel someone else's sticky arm resting against them.

2- to raise your arm and air out your pits by flapping your shirt sleeve. NO. And this means you, Mr. Man on the 3 train Tuesday morning.

3- to leave a wet spot on the seat when you get up. So nasty. I mean, we all know we're sitting and writhing around in everyone else's filth, but let's at least not have the filth be visible.

Thank you, that is all.


Anonymous said...

I heartily agree. ...except to calling someone 'Mr. Man'... I mean, is there something especially masculine about being disgusting? OK, I see your point.

Brooke said...

Eewww! Good rules, Jen. You should post them on every train you ride.