Wednesday, August 09, 2006

March 22, 2006 8:08pm

(journal entry)

Greetings. It's me, Jen. I'm very very tired right now. I'm sluggish. I'm a slug. Poor slugs. They get such a bad rap. It's not their fault they're basically made of just slime and that's all. Could you move well or quickly if you were made out of slime? I didn't think so. Next time your legs turn to slime, let's see how fast you can move. And they must get so terrified because a predator's after them and they can't move. It's like a slug's life is a constant bad dream. They should do a movie documentary. A Slug's Life. And their mortal enemy is something we humans just love and freely consume on our food every day of our lives. Salt. My good friend is a slug's worst foe. I should really change my point of view sometimes and try to see things from a slug's perspective.

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