Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ode to the Arachnid

The other day i had an experience. And it was this: I walked into the living room and saw a small spider crawling across the floor. He wasn't going very fast, he wasn't very big or leggy, he was just moving a long. And because he wasn't moving fast, I had lots of time--too much time, to think. My insinct is to jump and smash as fast as my little legs can and this time, it still was.. but like i said, i had time to think. I don't like killing bugs and try not to when i'm outside. That's their territory; I leave them be. But in my house is different. I just have visions of them crawling onto my face while I'm sleeping and that's pretty big motivation to squish them. So here i was with this little spider and i had my foot poised and ready. And then I paused. "Well... I... I have to. Sorry, little guy." And I did it. And then he was dead. Just like that I took his life. I felt horrible. Truly, awful. I mean, i paused so long, I could have had time to scoop him onto something and take him outside, to let him live. Or die, but not by my hands or feet. So that inspired me to write a song. Sean helped. We were singing it all evening long. Here it is (the words anyway):

Who will stand up for the arachnid?
Spiders should have no reason to hide.
Why are we all so afraid of them?
Why can't we just take them outside.

Who will stand up for the arachnid?
They are God's creatures too.
Why are we so quick to squash them?
Why must their death be our shoe?

Who will stand up for the arachnid?
Why do we so easily scare?
They deserve life like you and me.
Our corners and nooks, let us share.

Who will stand up for the arachnid?
Their life should not be in my hands.
They deserve to be happy,
Who, who will give them a chance?

Who will stand up for the arachnid?
Spiders should have no reason to hide.
Who will refrain from squashing them?
Who will take them outside?

Oh, who will take them outside.


Lianna said...

I would like to hear you guys sing that song.
I recently have been letting our spiders live in the house if they stay far away from my bed or food. So, I guess you could say, I am standing up for the arachnids, but only when they follow my rules.

Rob said...

When I was in Australia I got bit by a spider while I was sleeping that created a necrotizing ulcer in my arm for 3 months. I HAD A HOLE IN MY ARM FOR 3 MONTHS! It was supposed to come back every year and so it did, almost to the day. If it weren't for the expertise of American Doctors I would have to deal with this every year. What a crappy Thanksgiving!

I say squish 'em,
I have no remorse,
Squish 'em dead,
There'll be no recourse,
Squish 'em!

Mine was more like a rap. It sounds cooler in my head with the back up singers and all.

)en said...

Yeah, why does that not surprise me, animal-hater!!

Lianna--wow, good job! I don't know if i could handle seeing a spider and then just leaving and saying, "ok, you do what you're going to do.." Although, in one area of the house the tiiiiniest ants of some kind (Maybe they're ants? They are seriously microscopic) like to gather. Not many, like 7, and i'm like, "they're so cute!" i don't see why i have to get rid of them. So i just let them be. They are just way too small to be a nuisance.