Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Anna Summertime

Introducing the newest baby in my life, Anna Summertime. yes, that's right. That's her name. :) My sister Ashley had her baby on June 7th, 9 days after the due date! It was extremely painful to be so far away, but perhaps not as painful as it was for Ash to give birth. Anyway, i am overjoyed and love the name. (Ashley agreed to Trevor's suggestion of Summertime as a middle name if she could have a nice normal first name like Anna to balance it out. :) ) I think she is so cute and at first, i thought she looked tons like Ash but in some pictures I can see a bit of Trevor so now i don't know. Regardless, she's a cutie. Ashley says her cheeks are getting chubbier all the time. (Anna's, not Ash's. Well, maybe Ashley's are too, i don't really know.) Here are some pictures!

What a sweetie pie!

Brand new

She may not have liked bathtime.

I love this look


Lianna said...

She does not look happy to be outside of Ashley's belly, it goes to show why she was a week late, she just wasn't ready to come out. But, still, super cute! Congrats Ashley!

Brooke said...

Cute! Congrats to all Scoresbys and Bankseseses.