Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Please Call Stella

Hey, look at this cool website . (And turn up your speakers)

Check out the brooklyn one. Awesome. That's what i am surrounded by.

To hear ME say it, click on this. :) (the recording was kind of crappy so it skips some words, but you can follow along on that other site.)


Brooke said...

Cool find, J.

Rob said...

That is the most random conglomeration of sentences I think I've ever heard. It almost sounds like a code from a spy novel. I say the code phrase, "Six spoons of snow peas." And so I know I'm talking to the right guy he says, "We will go meet her Wednesday at the train station." Weird.

Anonymous said...

ha ha. yeah. And, what's a "spoon" of snow peas? What kind of measurement is that? I mean, is it soup, tea, wooden? It's so vague.