Friday, April 14, 2006

Coconut Milk is My Kryptonite

Or coconut curry, to be more specific. Once upon a time, in a land called B-town, there is a Thai restaurant on Myrtle Ave called Thai 101. I never really had a lot of curry experience before coming out to New York, much less Thai. I had some at an Indian restaurant once and it was ok. I wasn't a big fan of the peanut sauce though. I believe that is characteristic of Massoman curry. But my weakness is green curry with coconut milk. Ohhh MAN. Now, I would consider myself someone with a substantial amount of will power. I can refrain from doing things. I am pretty strong to resist.


Except with coconut curry. And at Thai 101, it is the best AND cheapest thai food I have had here, and i've visited several Thai restaurants. Sean and i have hit this place, it must be 3 times in the last month. If one of us even suggests going, it's over. The decision is made. We can't not go. He always gets the beef and basil which is extremely good, i have to say. And i, of course, always get the green curry with chicken. They give you a piping bowl of rice on the side that you can scoop onto your plate and I am very careful to ration the rice so it will be proportionate with the curry until the very last bite. And, i tell you, every time i take that first bite, it's like time stands still and I sit paralyzed in a state of euphoria. Every time, i'm like "OH I LOVE THIS!!" You'd think i'd know by now how good it is but i must forget a little bit because every time it hits me just the same.

There is one drawback though. In all its heavenliness, coconut milk is basically 100% bad for you. It consists of 100% calories, 100% fat, but it's so 100% goooooood. And my food sits in a pool of it, and my rice soaks it up and my tongue sings its praises. I swear. The next time we go i'm taking my camera and i will show you what it looks like. The plate is glorious, beautiful, majestic. It hits me where i am vulnerable and i devour it ALL.

Mmmmmmmm.... hey sean, it's friday night. Up for some thai?

aw, crap.

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Amber Alvarez said...

Jen! I have a crazy Thai 101 story. Ask me about it sometime, I must, must tell you, but I won't remember to tell you. Oh and every time I used to go there I got the basil and beef. So yummy. Good taste, Sean, good taste.