Thursday, March 09, 2006

I might as well face it

I'm addicted to jam. It all started a few weeks ago in Utah when I had my dear mother show me how to make jam because she raised me to be a jam snob. Ok, that's not true. It happened automatically. My mom is the best cook ever and has always made the tastiest jam for us kids. Therefore, when I didn't have access to Dot's Jammery (aka fruit room where all the jam and canned goods are) and was forced to eat STOREBOUGHT jam, the horror, i realized the existence of my snobbery. And my incompetence, apparently, since I didn't know how to make it myself and that's pretty sad, given how EASY freezer jam is to make. So I made 12 jars total and packed them in my suitcase. All strawberry/blueberry. Mmm. We've gone through 2 jars now and I'm getting a little nervous. Not only are we down two jars but I could pretty much eat the stuff every day on anything. What alarmed me the most though, was when i caught myself eating a bit directly out of the jar just now. It is such sweet and fruity goodness, how could i not?? It's a human instinct, to want to eat fruity goodness out of the jar. So instead of being in denial and trying to cover up my addiction, i embrace it. Jar in one hand, a spoon in the other, now leave me be.


Anonymous said...

Scoresberry jam!!! I miss it too! :(

Brooke said...

We made jam one night for Enrichment and it WAS totally easy. Why don't I make it?

Anyway, I lend my testimony to Dot's delicious cooking. Jam, and everything else. Mmm.