Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Desperate for Twist Ties

I never realized how much my life revolved around twist ties. You know, those little wire things that you tie around plastic bags, sometimes garbage bags, etc. I mean, you think you'll have a neverending supply. You might even complain that you have TOO MANY twist ties and, *gasp* throw some away.

Never again.

We seem to have run out, as impossible as that sounds. I thought they came with our garbage bags and, just like everyone else, we seemed to have as many as we could ever want in a lifetime, and kept them in the drawer with hotpads. It's been something I've so taken for granted, like toilets that flush and refil when you push the lever. (<-- also something I'll never take for granted again. But that's a story for another day.)

And now I feel like we need a twist tie at every corner. I just put some ciabatta bread in a freezer bag to keep it fresh longer. No twist tie to be found. We are forced to resort to using those black clippy things that people clip on fat stacks of paper. Fortunately, I guess, Sean has an abnormal attachment to these things and we have an absurd amount all over the house. Although, I should probably speak better of them because without them, what would we use THEN? I am terrified at the thought.

The other day there was a happy moment. I needed a twist tie for something, remembered how we have none, and then lit up as i remembered,"THERE'S ONE IN THE OTHER ROOM! I SAW IT ON THE FLOOOOR!" as I fly past Sean at lightning speed. Ohhh how grateful I was for that little, dusty, slightly haggard twist tie. "you saved me tonight," i whispered as I cradled it between my fingertips.

Might we never again take for granted twist ties that make our daily lives so comfortable. Might we always appreciate these small and simple things. And might we remember to buy more at the grocery store.


Lianna said...

Jen, I can definately relate!
I grew up using twist ties, but I don't think most did.
My aunt despises them! She hates trying to twist them off of the package. I think she's just twisting them the wrong direction. But I don't think anything compares to the tightness of twist ties. Not those stupid plastic ones on the grocery store bread, or chip clips, and rubberbands are just annoying. So, you have another supporter of the Twist Ties.

Anonymous said...

Did I tell you I saw a spool of twist-tie material in that plastics catalog? It's like tem bucks for a mile of the stuff... what a deal!