Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Armory Pics!

Well, the Armory show was everything I had hoped it would be, and more. We spent about 3+ hours there and by the end we had to take 5 minute breaks every 2 minutes, and sit on foam cubes as "chairs" that lined the walls. We were exhausted! We'd share a cube and sit and stare listlessly at passersby for a very long time. Man, if you want to do some good people-watching, come to the Armory Show. I emailed the people who run the show to see if I could take home a foam cube chair but I haven't heard anything back. Bummer. I loved those things. (UPDATE: hey, i just got an email from them saying they're using them for next year's show but i can get them at Canal Rubber. Suupah!) Anyway, without any futher boring details, bring on the pictures!

This painting is pretty much the first thing we saw and Sean's favorite of the whole show. And here's a close up. Sean's style for sure.

This was an interesting installation of pieces of blue art tape stuck to the wall in sort of a thumbprint shape. And also a close up to give you a better idea.

A chandelier made of randomly shaped lightbulbs stuck in coconuts! Hee!

I'm not sure if you'll be able to get the full picture with this next one. i thought it was fun though. It's this building facade sitting flat with small people next to windows and stuff but a mirror was situated above it at an angle so you'd see the building "erect" in the mirror. See?

I'm wondering though, as fun as the mirror thing is, why the artist didn't just build the facade standing up in the first place, as shown in the reflection. Why the mirror? Oh well. Maybe it would be hard to glue the people on the side like that. I dunno. Moving on...

This next one i really liked a lot, actually. I thought it was really nice and I liked the frame and everything and would put it on my wall. I thought it was just a nice little gem and, not to mention, a nice break from all the artwork depicting blatant human genitalia. -of which, by the way, i did NOT get pictures, sorry.

I can't remember this next one very well. It looks like bones. I think it's a nice drawing though.

Here's one made just for me! (i love maps and geography) Not that you can't figure it out, but it's a world map with each country's flag. Fun.

I liked this next one. Ok, so it's a fluffy cottage painting. So what? It's cute and I liked it.

I thought this next one was nice. The artist painted this white stuff over a bunch of layers of bright colors. You can see the edges of the colors at the top of the painting but i cut it off. Oops. Oh well. I mostly liked the main creamy part of it anyway.

Fun. :) I was going to say this painting was "eye candy" but...

These next two are interesting. They are black and white pictures--i think they're photographs-- with colorful material stitched onto them.

Here's one a little more close up.

A hammock made out of rubber bands?? BAH HA! Now tell me: Who wouldn't want to lay in that? WHO?

and close up

This one was interesting. Some crazy installation with TVs and VCRs and the patterns on the TVs matched those pasted on the VCRs below. Sean said there were also matching paintings on the wall behind but I didn't see that.

This next one makes me laugh only because it looks JUST LIKE my nephew Josh, circa 2002'ish. I call this "Gangsta Josh."

sorry about the big fat glare. stupid sun. i couldn't shadow it.

This is just good times. It looks real, doesn't it. But no, it's a painting.

And finally... the last picture. And this was close to the end. All i can say is, ehh??? Ok, no. i can say more. yeah, so it's this big blob with video projecting onto it a bunch of blinking eyes and scary mouths saying gibberish. Yipes.

And there you have it! Such good times. I needed to stare at a blank wall after that. So much...visual..stimulation...can no longer...focus..eyes... Woohoo! Thanks Armory!


Rob said...

Wow, that rubber band hammock is cool. A colossal waste of time, but cool.

Brooke said...

Holy crap, that really IS Josh! Freaky!

You shoulda bought it. I bet it wasn't all *that* expensive...

Adam Bateman said...

all art is a waste of time rob. in fact, all art is a colossal waste of time...take it from me, i stack books.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the photo really captures how freaky that blog of facial features is. The thing was truly freaky to be around, and so loud...