Wednesday, November 23, 2005

[too much] Fun With the Camera

I've been thinking. I put up these pictures and blogs of random things but you must be wondering about the faces behind these blogs sometimes, right? Who is Jen and Sean? (<-- as a collective, or a pair, not 2 separate things, otherwise "is" is very very wrong and I'm explaining myself because of the small fit i threw in the last post.) What do they even look like? So, I thought that since you never get to see us, I'd take a million pictures of us and slap them on here for your viewing enjoyment. Call it "Sean and Jen's Photo Shoot." I also took a few pictures of other things. Here they are!

"Just a Couple of Crazies"


"Fun with Reflections"

"Sean Watching TV" or "Hot Husband"


"Jen trying to take artistic photos--with a lamp"


"Face to Face"


"Pose, Sean. I don't care if it's 1:00am"

"Trying to be artistic--with a lamp, part II"


"The Out of Doors"

trellis in the sunlight

sean at work


i found this little strand of pink leaves all by itself against the gray wall.

check out this apple that's all red on the inside! I think my favorite thing about this pic though is the little apple seed at the edge. It speaks to me.

"Ode to the Dead Rose"
i put you in the way of the sun
i gave you water every day
i tried to make you bloom
but you died before you got there
and so your beauty lies frozen
in the last moment of your life
before death took you
i will keep it alive


Anonymous said...

As the reigning star reader, I'd just like to comment and say that the prevailing thought in my head, after viewing these photos and reading the luscious poetry, was simply "I love my sister." (Not you, Steph. Jeez... :D)

Anonymous said...

Ash, that's rude. Come have to love's in your contract.

Fun pix, Pen, btw. I was forgetting what you looked like but now I've got your images forever seared into my memory.

Anonymous said...

get a less gay friend