Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Things I've Noticed Lately

Hello, friends. So for the past while or so I've been keeping a mental log of interesting things I've been noticing. Today on the subway train home, I actually pulled out a notebook and wrote them down. So here they are, in no particular order:

#1 This one occurred on the train. I took the 1 train home from 66th Street (Lincoln Center) today and usually i switch at 42nd street to a 2 or 3 and take that all the way home. But at 59th street I decided to mix things up and take a B train home. Plus, i needed to stop at a stationary store that is close to the B station that is also near my home. I like the B train because it doesn't make a lot of stops and it also goes over the Manhattan Bridge so you get a fun view. On the subway trains, it tells you the last stop on both ends of the line. So here's what I noticed today: On the B train, the last stops are Bedford Park, Bronx and on the other end, Brighton Beach in Brooklyn. On the B train. Now, I don't know if there's any rhyme or reason as to why certain trains are lettered/numbered a certain thing (and i've never noticed anything else like this w/other trains) or if this was done on purpose but regardless, this one is just fun. One more reason why I like the B. :)

#2 Lately, I seem to have a tendency to stab the tips of my fingers on very sharp things so that they bleed somewhat profusely for a few seconds, and at inopportune times. So far, i've poked my pointer finger on the blender blade while cleaning it and i pricked my thumb tip on a straight pin while putting on a white skirt. I had to separate my finger as far away as possible from the dishes i was cleaning so as not to wash all of our dishes with bloody soap (ew). And then getting my [again, white] skirt on without using my thumb was a trick, especially when i was trying to pin something to it. No easy task.

Here are some pics of the wounds. (Yes, you get to see them and yes, you ARE able to see them. They bled a lot! Serious, serious wounds)

#3 Similarly, i apparently have a strange tendency these days to cut myself on the wrist--the same wrist. One of them has almost totally healed but both were really bad cuts, and really painful, and I have no idea what caused either of them. All of a sudden I was washing my hands or something and..what thuhh?? my wrist was hurting and there it was. So that's weird. Mystery wounds, days apart. And no, i am not subconsciously suicidal. Nor stupid, for both would be pretty pathetic attempts.

And here are the pictures... :)

#4 This one is more longterm but still ongoing. I have this theory that people think I'm Hispanic. It's very interesting and at first I was just confused at people's reactions but now I'm putting some pieces together and I wonder. Here are the things I've noticed that have made me think this:

a. People (and by the way, most of these people are older church people. Like, one was our area general authority and others were temple workers) say my last name (Morello) "More-ay-o." In Spanish, i guess that's how you say double l's, but my name isn't Spanish. It's Italian. And I'M not Italian. My husband isn't Italian. It's just an Italian name. He's even much more fair than I. So, maybe there are some Hispanic names that are similar to mine, but still. That one makes me smile.

b. People sometimes talk to me slowly, as if I speak English as a second language. At first i was like, do i come off as being slow mentally? Do i give that impression?

c. Since languages other than English are sometimes needed and/or useful in the temple, people (after looking at my name tag) have often kind of assumed i speak Spanish. They'll say things like, "So do you speak Spanish?" I'm all, "uh-uh." It's kind of weird, no? Anyway, i am not sure what it is. They see the name... I have dark hair...?? I don't know. But it's my theory and i will quietly continue my observations of instances like these.

#5 The saw as an instrument can be quite lovely, in an eerie way. In a subway station a few days ago, a kind of kookie-looking woman was playing "Ave Maria" on the saw with tape accompaniment and you know what? It was actually kind of pretty. She was good at it, too. And she played with a lot of emotion. It was quite a show. Sometimes--not very often--there will be a subway musician who is actually really good and I would almost wait for the next train just so i could keep listening. I've never actually done this. I mean, let's face it, it sucks waiting for trains to come. Subway stations are stinky and dirty. But still... almost. It catches my ear and makes me pause and listen.

#6 This happened on the B train today also. So they have ads up on the walls of the train for you to read while you're standing or sitting there. There's this one for Courvoisier (some kind of alcoholic drink) that I hate. It tries to give the feeling that it is to be revered as something special that requires your reverence and/or allegience or something. Stupid. So it says things like, "That's it. Look up to me." (because the ads are kind of high up on the wall) But the thing I actually noticed today was one poster that says "Yes. Beautiful, aren't I?" Ok, that bugs for the reason i just said but then i looked at "aren't I." And you all know me and how i think about spellings of words and wonder how that happened, etc. So what's up with "aren't I"? It's not "I are beautiful." It would be like saying "He's handsome, aren't he?" And everyone would laugh and mock you for sounding so uneducated. So whoever said "aren't I" was ok? Allow me to make a decree: Let us all say "am I not" from now on and forever more, instead of "aren't I" which just makes no grammatical sense.

7. And as my final thing i've noticed lately, here's one I am just noticing at this very moment. Ruby Red Grapefruit juice kind of tastes like throw up. It's true. I'm right, am I not? And on that lovely note, have a lovely day.


Anonymous said...

If it tastes so much like vomit, why are you drinking it, huh? Huh?! Maybe YOU taste like vomit. (Sorry to sound so defensive. Ruby Red Grapefruit juice is one of my favorite drinks.) But again, I loved the blog filled with Jen tidbits.

)en said...

Sean loves it so i got it. I try it every time but i have never loved it. So i guess i drink it out of love. Care to continue TAUNTING ME?

thanks for reading and commenting ash. You're my star reader.

Anonymous said...

"Out of love"? Real cool, Jen. What a lame-o. (J/k. I just wanted to keep taunting.) Anyhow, I'm your star reader? YES! That's what I've been aspiring to all along...

Anonymous said...

Some RR grapefruit juices are better than others, and all toothpaste should be kept at a safe distance... other than those warnings, I say it's one of the finest drinks available.