Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Happy Birthday, Ash!

Today i'd like to commemorate the day of my sister Ashley's birth. She turns 24 today! Hurrah! Here is a poem, just for Ash.

"Ashley demands respect," a friend of mine once said.
"While you, Jen, are the sort that exhumes patience instead."
It is true, Ashley has such quiet class,
People think she's older.
They've often thought i was the younger one,
and I'd look at them and smolder.

Just kidding, i just had to think of a rhyme. Now to the poem at hand.
Life with Ash is always fun, and never ever bland.

Who can make me do the hard laugh?
Almost guaranteed?
Who can make me laugh so hard, there's sometimes a bit of pee?
Tears streaming down the face, stomach and back in pain.
But i'd never ever have it, any other way...n.

How many jokes do you think we have? Honestly, if we counted.
If they filled hundreds of pages, I seriously would not doubt it.

I love that we remind each other of all our jokes of old.
I love that I laugh as hard as i did when they were first told.

Ash, remember all of our secret hiding places? In the lilacs and the bushes?
In our snow fort, where we'd store snacks and capri suns, and freeze our hands and tushes.

You used to love playing school,
and the only way i'd play
is if my name was "U" and i'd torment you all the day.
"What is 2+2, class?" and you would call on me.
"U," you'd say, and i'd say, "me?" over and over, with glee.

Oh, I remember the days
when "the girls" was synonymous with my name,
and every Christmas we would get
gifts almost exactly the same.

Man i was so excited,
when you came to BYU
And you were too late getting a dorm,
So i got an apartment for you...
...right next door to me!
We had so much stinking fun,
studying, playing, having lunch together,
if i could go back to those days, i'd run.

Ash, you equal great times twelve.
I miss you so much, i'm sore
but i'll end soon so i don't get,
teardrops on this keyboard. *sniff*

Sorry this poem is kind of dumb. But to celebrate your birthday bash,
let us all give a few reasons why WE LOVE ASH!

Happy bday, Ash-foo. I love you lots and hope you have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks Jen. I'm so lucky to have such a thoughtful poet for a sister. One, among the many, of my favorite lines: "But i'd never ever have it, any other way...n." Sheer genius. :D

)en said...

ha ha. man, i was struggin'. the heart was in it, though. my heart, that is. drr. anyway... here are a few things to contribute:

1- i love ash because she loves to laugh at any time and any place.

2- i love ash because she used to make me sandwiches, just because i was a lazy-a and asked her to.

3- i love ash because she has let me adopt several items of her clothing.

Brooke said...

I love Ash because...

1. She writes for a newspaper and I can say, "Hey, I know that girl!" when reading her articles.

2. She singlehandedly diagnosed me with diabetes. Thanks, Ash.

3. Her humor is unparalleled.

4. She's very good-natured and easy-going. And, brilliant-minded and blond-haired.

5. She's BEAUTIFUL! And, I only love beautiful people.

Happy Birthday Ash!

Anonymous said...

I am finding myself transfixed to the picture and am repeating over and over in my head: Ha-ppy Bi-r-th-day Ash, Ha-ppy Bi-r-th-day Ash... By the way, Book Club was okay, but I felt a little like I was butting in on the married with kids club. Ahh, well.

Happy Birthday, Ash!

Anonymous said...

That is the freakiest thing I've ever seen!

Oh yeah, I hope Ash had a great birthday too.