Friday, August 05, 2005



The lulling laps of the lake lick the sandy shore. The sun cools off as it dips into the dark green waters, slowly sinking deeper in. The great burnt orange walls of rock withstand yet another day of the sun's scorching rays beating down upon their backs. They protect me. I lay back and close my eyes. Near-silent flutter makes itself known above me. I can feel it more than I can see. Night friends. My podium gently rocks and I pretend this is how it always was.


I am coming

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Anonymous said...

What the crap? Don't use my blog to paste your solicitations! And not only is it lame that you did that, it's totally boring too! Like anyone's going to read that gibberish.

Rachet, hey! so glad to hear from you! p.s. lake powell is fresh water. ;) But still, i shed a tear as well.