Thursday, August 04, 2005

i'm a slob


I don't shower EVERY day. Every other day. That's fine, right? If i don't roll around in the sewer. I'm not totally filthy and i don't stink. I'm not like Pigpen (Charlie Brown's friend) with a consta-filthy face with scribbles and flies around my head. Well, except for the other day.

But anyway, so i wouldn't consider myself totally gross, with horrible hygiene. But today, i was sitting on the couch and I noticed something. See, oftentimes for breakfast I eat a bagel or cinnamon raisin toast and i eat it while sitting on the couch. So today, i looked down at my belly and noticed something. "Geez," I thought. "My bellybutton has some stuff in it." I started digging a little and was like, what the hey? What is that? And then I realized they were crumbs. Crumbs fall down my shirt and into my bellybutton. I've been storing 2 days-worth of crumbs in my bellybutton. I sat staring, pondering this for several minutes.

i'm a slob.


Anonymous said...

The best thing about this post is that there are no comments. It's as if everyone read it but had nothing to contribute to the crumbs-in-the-bellybutton issue. I do. In fact, I've noticed that I always have little pieces of cotton in my bellybutton. How does that get there? Is my shirt constantly shedding bits of itself? If so, will it eventually disappear? Stupid entropy.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Yeah, everyone read it and was like, "I am indifferent." Yeah, cotton in the belly button. I think it is your shirt. Would it be weird if i taped over my bellybutton so nothing would fall in? "Fall"... you know, like rocks and such.