Monday, July 18, 2005

Pictures a-Plenty

Greetings. I have been Queen of Slackers with my blog. It's pathetic, i know. I'll be better, I promise. But here I've decided to insert a bunch of random pictures we've taken within the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Over the weekend, since we were car-sitting for the week, Sean and I drove up the Hudson River, north of Manhattan for an hour or so. It is beeeautiful. Such lush vegetation. This is my panorama of Iona Island, props to Lynn Scoresby who hails from the small town of Iona, ID. Is this gorgeous or what?? Photographer-pro Jen strikes again. Although, this picture really took itself.

I thought it would be appropriate to proceed that picture with the following from what I like to call, "Fried Food Funday." We should have made this food on Friday but alas, it was on a Sunday and I cannot tell a lie. Sean and I were hard up with ideas for dinner so we made a bunch of random things making up our smorgasbord which included french fries and onion rings. Who makes these things homemade?? They ruled though. We went fried food-crazy. But my favorite thing about these pictures is how the accidental alignment makes it look like Sean's some sort of hunchback, robo-turtle with fries on his back/"shell." Oh man... busts me up.

Here is a scene from the 4th of July showing Sean nailed to a tree. Ok, ew, but he does look weirdly stuck onto it somehow. We just thought this was a really cool tree, although given that this pic is the size of a pea, you can't really tell. Oh well.

Also on the 4th we saw the giganto, amazing fireworks show. We snapped a couple pics in an attempt to capture the grandeur.

A special thanks to the girl who insisted on standing the entire time, blocking our view.

With this next picture, I just wanted to show what my hair does in the humidity.

Side note: Could I BE smiling bigger? "I'm just so happy about my hair! YAY!!"

Lastly, I was making jello the other day and noticed this on the side of the box:

Vegetables in jello?? Ewww! I just picture broccoli and peas (...speaking of peas.. I just noticed i've used "pea" twice in this post. Weird.) held tight in the fruity gelatin. Mmm...


Anonymous said...

Jen, I think you're forgetting that one of Utah's most famous dishes is lime jello with carrots. Although, let me state here and now that NEVER in my 24 years of living in Utah have I seen such a concoction (sp?). I doubt its existence.

Anonymous said...

I almost hesitate to leave a comment so early because I look like some stalker, obsessively checking the blog to see if there are any updates. But seriously, I just happened to look today and there was a new post. Anyway, I have to agree with Brooke on the jello. Carrots are sometimes used as an ingredient. My grandma does it. But I must say- "EWWWWW" It's gross- like mixing cottage cheese and peaches. And as for Sean mysteriously pasted to the tree...what is he doing? Levitating?

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I think you need to prove it by making me a casserole dish full and bringing it to my apartment. I'll give you a box of lime jello as payment.

And, Gary, you are SO wrong on cottage cheese and peaches. It's a delightful dish.

PS. J, love your humidity hair. Gooood times.

Anonymous said...

False! And, I'd like to note that 20% of Jen's posts thus far have dealt with Jello. Jello lover!

)en said...

Is that true? What a freak. Well, i DO like jello.

I did forget about carrots but that doesn't mean I agree, which I don't. So i still stand by what I say: "Ewww!"

Say, do you guys remember Freshman year when I seriously couldn't make jello for the life of me? I'd mess it up every time. Like one time i put water in the pot to boil but i didn't even boil it! I just put it right into the bowl! That made it like oatmeal jello. Gary, remember that? Another time i don't think i added the extra water so it was gross and too sweet.

I am a special girl and have too many experiences with/memories of jello.

Anonymous said...

I remember jello with carrots. But in my mind it had raisins too....

Jen, did you set the stove on fire making jello, or was that someone else? I remember someone boiling water and the burner bursting into flames, but I can't recall who it was.

Anonymous said...

I'd forgotten all about your Jello exploits, Jen! But, I do remember you dumping in the powder right after putting the water on to boil. Classic.

And, MA, I'm not sure who it was that started the kitchen fire. But, it sure was exciting. Didn't we have two?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember the jello incident was nasty. I just walked past old A Richards tonight(sometimes I deliver pizzas there). I'm always tempted to walk in and relive some of those memories. Do you guys remember the night I went to the Messiah but you wanted me to come over? And there was something about you turning the lights off and calling my name in the direction of the snow-covered sidewalk. That was almost 7 years ago! Holy crap!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap indeed. Gary, you have to dig up pony and the rest. Just do it!

I recall several stove fires as well although i'm pretty sure they weren't from me boiling water for jello! I hope i'm not that big of an idiot. I always ALWAYS had my pasta roni stuff boil over though. It totally sneaks up on you, man! I do it now, too. I'm so sorry i don't have the patience or time to keep my eagle eyes on the pot at all times! Geez. In fact, I think that's what caused the fires: cooking on burners with "boil over" left from previous cooking efforts we were too lazy to clean up.

Yes, Gary, MP and I were counting on you and you totally bailed and did something else with your "other friends". Where were you when we needed you, going insane in our basement? ditching us, that's where.