Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Paint Me A Lullaby

Once upon a time, I asked Sean to paint me a lullaby. I wanted a sort of sleepy/nighttime painting and it was to be for the wall of our bedroom. It looked so bare and desperately needed art. He worked for a long time, over a period of many months, and struggled a little bit. He tried to capture the essence of "night" and his first draft looked basically like a black piece of canvas, making me feel that rather than it being a depiction of the nighttime or approaching darkness, instead it was a painted on mechanism that was able to suck out any and all light. Sort of a "two-dimensional black hole," in oil on canvas. Cool... yet I needed more. He kept it in his studio and I never got to see the progress. He put more sweat and hours into it until finally, it was done. Here it is.

Cool, eh? I probably should have taken a photo head-on but at that position, there was an annoying glare I couldn't get rid of so for now, you get a side view. So, finally, after my request made so long ago, there it is on our wall, and it sings to me, and the soothing blue and sweeping strokes of the brush lull me to sleep.


Brooke said...

SO pretty! I'm going to find me an artist to marry so I can have access to art-on-demand. :)

Anonymous said...

That's totally good times. I think it works for me too. Way to go Sean.