Wednesday, December 21, 2022

So This is Solstice

"You know how in language classes, they'll celebrate Christmas according to the country you're learning about. 'In Germany, they celebrate like this.' 'In France, Christmas is celebrated like this.'  But in my Latin class it was like, 'There was no Christmas. But we did burn Christians at the very end!'"  

Sometimes Sean's random tidbits of knowledge kill me. If I'm at my computer (which I was/am), I'll just start typing when he's talking because it's bound to be something good.  And it was. It was.  

It's the solstice today and I really ought to learn more about it because I could see myself really getting into this pagan holiday.  I did learn this morning that it's a day for contemplation which, *cracking knuckles* is kiiiind of in my wheelhouse. 

I spent the day contemplating while I got up and, deciding to opt out of exercising, got ready for the day. I put on my non-sleeping pajamas which are black and red plaid and found a fuzzy black pullover I'd forgotten about and got a little too excited about. 

I contemplated while I brushed my teeth because I hate it and it bores me, but then also I do it for a really long time because I get lost in whatever it is I'm thinking about or looking at because I like to find entertainment for myself while I brush.  

I contemplated while I made some oatmeal with chia for breakfast for a very sick or has-been-very-sick Sean... Sean-who-doth-hath-been-gravely-ill(?) and speaks with gravel in his voice. I contemplated while making some cookie dough for a self-inflicted cookie day because I needed to try out some cutters I recently acquired and felt the mood strike which is the only way it can be done.  I'm not feeling great today so it's all been a bit laborious.  But it's ok. 

As usual, I bailed on my project right when I was going to die from it which is when Sean finished working and eagerly jumped in happy to finish because all the annoying stuff was done and he gets to use the cutters and make it look nice and pretty.  I've said it before and I'll say it again: We're a good team. 

I'm tired and I have a headache. But this day feels right for the solstice.  I've given in to the shortness of days. I surrender. You win. Darkness reign supreme!!  And let the hibernation commence.  Incidentally I learned that the solstice is also known as the Hibernal Solstice.  So there you go.   Let's go eat some cookies because the half-pound of dough I've already consumed is not enough. 

my beloved Christmas cactus my mom gifted me last year. Sits dormant for months until magic happens and it starts spontaneously growing buds. It's the most amazing thing. Like it knows before we do when the season has begun. Like the white tree of Gondor, we await the return of the King and let the season officially commence. 

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