Friday, December 09, 2022

Seasoning for Air

Title is what Julian called scented candles when he was six years old. I know because I just found it in my notes on my phone and I could just about cry.  

Ever the fan of advent calendars, I vowed to keep it simple this year. I got myself one new one and it is the cutest and I love it. What is it? A CANDLE ADVENT CALENDAR.  I know. With little wee candles for each day, each of a different scent like "gingerbread bake" and "nordic air."  They last less than a day and it just makes me happy. It smelled so good when it arrived. And the decor is just exactly what I am looking for-- nostalgic, classic, fruit mixed with candy. Perfection.  Behold the beauty:

Here's a poem I just wrote callllllled.....


Giant be the shadow.
Whisper be the light
Exuding all its import
From tiny point of night
Dance be dance be dancing
At leisure, rest, at will
With regard to each
Intensity the thrill
Stronger be the silence
As time counts death impend
Its presence felt from flickered start
To hushed and sizzled end. 


Alanna said...

Serious question, where did you get this??? I want one for next year!!!

)en said...

Etsy my good woman.