Thursday, March 31, 2022

Julian Quote: What's Inside?

 We were swimming in a pool last summer when Julian said, 

"There was a time when I learned everything I knew by asking, 'what's inside?' Like, a car engine, a clock, a penis. Anything."

I find this so adorable, amazing, and symbolic of how to really get a the good things of life.  Getting to the core, the heart of it.  And is probably a great general rule to live by.  


One day he was working on building a rocket in an app. You build it and then see how flightworthy or engineeringly sound it is. This particular rocket consisted of all engines. Only engines. And he described it as being, 

"sheathed in an unearthly glow."

And once again I tell him he speaks in poetry and wonder to myself if I can ethically steal that.  

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