Friday, December 17, 2021

Organized Comedietry

 Julian is a crazy little machine man, churning out ideas and thoughts and questions and weirdness at mach speed on a constant basis.  Here is a little sampling of all the things that were said this morning during breakfast within just a few minutes.  Fortunately I was over at the table working on my Christmas cards so I had some paper to jot them down on. Still, it's a challenge keeping up.  I hope i can read my scribbles:


JULIAN: Mom, what's the saddest, most ignorant place on Earth? 

JEN: uhh.. I don't know.. 

JULIAN: Car dealerships. 

I wasn't aware that one had a right answer. I never know when I'm being quizzed. 


"Man, I really wish I could build a land or road bridge running across the Bering Strait."  

He then continued to give some facts and information about the place. How long it is, where it's located, why that's interesting, etc. I was definitely listening to all of it as I wrote this down.  What makes me laugh most is "Man..."  So earnest. 


I asked him if he just always had thoughts running in his head, and if that was frustrating.
He said,

"Very frustrating. When I have something to think about, I can't just think about it later.  If it's an exciting thought, i have to walk around a little.

"Walk around?" 

"Yeah, go get a drink of water or something."

This was a little reminder that I need to ask him more questions like this. Also, three cheers for anyone who has exciting thoughts and chases after them... literally. 


He told me they were doing group project reports at school and a girl from his group went up to do their portion but then got scared and bailed so he jumped up and filled in:  "thank you thank you, you're all a great audience..." and then proceeded to give the report on ____. 

I asked him if he was the class clown. He said:

"Well, I'm funny, but not silly. [Friend's name] is probably the class clown. I'm organized comedietry. That's why I need my own Youtube channel. I'm thinking the name of it could be 'The Weekly Show.'" 

The name made me bust but even more is COMEDIETRY. He insists on using words he made up. They just feel right. I mean, I don't try hard to correct him. Why would I? It's an amazing word.  And so very Julian.  He uses this word all the time. I feel like it adds an artistic touch to plain old boring comedy.  A bit more elegant, wouldn't you say? 

And then we jumped in the car with presents for his crush, his teacher, and his friend, and three dozen 2-day-old donuts for the class party that was supposed to be Wednesday but was canceled due to a snow day. 

And that was that.

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