Monday, February 17, 2020

Faux Pas

I'd really like it if you'd pluralize that "pas" in the title so it's read like "foe paws" because I have a few I'd like to talk about.  Also foe paws is kind of funny.  Could it be another title of something? {think face} I don't know, but I'm given yet another reminder of late of the book Call of the Wild and how I should probably take it as a sign to read it again. Probably with the lad. Yes, I will do that. But back to the foe paws:

1.  I'm sitting here up in my room.  I'm alone in the house except for two cats, one of which is next to me on the bed and the other is curled up on my desk chair.  An hour or two ago a woman came by who wanted to drop something off for Julian.  I told her he was out but would be back later--not sure when.  She said she wanted to give it to him personally so she'd try again.   Well, I'm here typing away and someone just knocked on the door.  Since he's still not home and I assume it's her again, I have opted not to answer the door.  I love exercising this freedom.  She knocked first, and then after some time,  rang the doorbell.  After what I would describe as a very long time, she knocked again, which I found highly unusual.  Still there?? She was just standing there waiting?? Thinking, "oh they're probably in the shower. I'll stand here and imagine in my mind how long it takes a person to wash their hair, face, shave legs, dry off, dress, descend the stairs, and then I shall knock again. Then--then, they will be ready to receive me." 

And I imagined myself answering the door after that latent knock which would have been pretty awkward at that point.  Like, "oh yeah.. i heard you the first time, didn't want to come, and then decided to anyway."  I feel like we'd be standing there face to face and one of us would have to say, "so.. did we want to talk about what just happened here?"  I can't see any way around that.  So to that I say:   Just bail!  It makes me wonder how long other people generally wait on the doorstep. Looks like I need to conduct another little survey.  I also believe the knock + doorbell is the limit.  Any third knock/attempt is reserved for "I have an emergency and I am dying" situations and, again, would be emitted soon after the second, if there's any pause at all. More like the neighbor kid who rings our bell incessantly making us THINK someone's on fire. We have since learned. But, a long-after third attempt is like... what.  Kind of gutsy? What's the goal there? It feels like a challenge almost. Well you're going to lose because I can sit on my bed and not answer the door ALL. DAY. What's the consensus on this? I am curious.

2.  Let's talk about the thumbs up emoji.  How is it best used? Is there a situation where it might not be taken in a positive light? Answer to my totally not hypothetical question: Yes.  With words, the thumbs up is fine, just fine.  It puts an additional stamp on something you approve of or express appreciation for.  It's a good "thanks" supplementary emoji, a good "I like that" emoji, or "I agree," etc.   When it's used alone, however, is when it gets dicey. Sometimes it's the quickest, simplest way to show your approval when more than that--words--are unnecessary.  This is fine. This is common in group texts when the OT (original texter) or poser of the question needs a response. Another option is choosing to "like" the text itself.  Also fine. Several times I have been on the receiving end of the lone thumbs up after sending a somewhat heartfelt or at the very least, thoughtful text. I have engaged in a conversation and it's suddenly killed short. Nothing says "I don't wanna talk to you anymore" like the lone thumbs up.  Like, just say nothing. Then I can pretend you had other things that took your attention away from what I thought was an interesting text chat or when I just said something when I was opening my heart a little, which is understandable. You have a life, that's ok. But to use the single thumbs up like that feels like total rejection.  I mentioned this to Sean and he actually got quite angry about it--"YEAH- it's such a slap in the face!" and then expressed a desire to flip the bird in response.  I was like, alright, Sean!

I would love to do a blog post explicating the various uses and meanings of emojis. I am nowhere near an expert like some-- I have some very talented friends, for example-- but I know a decent amount and I believe my impressions are accurate.   But what do you think on these faux-pas? Agree or disagree?  I'm going to keep thinking about this topic because I'm SURE there are more that are worth delving into.

{thumbs up}

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