Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Important Things

The other day I was reading aloud to Sean from the Reader's Digest (naturally) and came to an article listing useless facts.  "We'll see," I said to myself.  Sure enough, I came across one that I found VITAL to know.  It is thus:

Apparently, the 3 longest words you can type with your left hand are:


At which Sean loudly scoffed was a waste of time and space and he was worse for knowing it. I, in turn, scoffed even louder and harder that that was because he didn't type using home row and didn't understand! He would never understand!  Also, because he's a lefty, he's probably just jealous and bitter. Finally something just for him and he can't even participate in it.

So let's all go ahead and try it.

tesseradecade--fun! I stumbled a bit.
aftercataracts- whew, that's a workout.


Joel said...

As a lefty who doesn't formally do the home row thing I have to side with Sean this time.

)en said...

ha! I'm sad for both of you.