Friday, December 21, 2018

Cookie Day 2018

We woke up to rain on this, the Cookie Day of the year.  My two sisters got married this summer and so it was a true coming together at Grandma's for the big event.   It's actually quite chill but it did take all day. My brother just moved his family here from AZ. He's been living here for four months while they waited to see if their house would sell, which it did, just in time for Christmas.  So here they are, four days prior, exhausted and a little out of it.  It was a full house and we made our treats with a bunch of kids around to share in the jokes.    Man, I'm having such a hard time concentrating writing this boring blog post.  1) I'm really tired and 2) Julian just asked Alexa, who we've renamed "Computer" to "play Take On Me" which is awesome and a little funny but not surprising. It is also my phone's ringtone.     So I'm just blathering around random details to give you text to read when really I just wanted to put up a picture of our cookies.  So here they are:

From left to right:

1-  snicker bars, made by my mom. They are fantastic.
2- linzers by me, of course. With jelly made from the grape juice my mom canned and gave to me using grapes given to HER by her neighbor. I should have taken cookies to her and be like, look what has become of your grapes!
3- macarons with minty chocolate, by Steph.
4- Rugelach with blackberry jam and apricot jam that she made and is TDF.
5- Caramels by Ash who had to stir two pots at once while I told her stories which would have made me cry. I can barely cook mac 'n cheese if someone's distracting me-- "Whaaa I accidentally poured the cheese powder directly into the 6 cups of boiling water!"
6- toffee made by my mom, a week ago, when she made at least 13 batches to give to a bunch of people. Toffee is Sean's favorite. (just fyi)

 I have said this before but, though I love it all,  i come for the rugelach.  That rolled up jam with the weird pastry-like cookie roll-up is just aces.  

Ok, i'm out!  COOKIE DAY!

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