Friday, November 16, 2018

Issues: Pilates

The next time my pilates teacher asks us, "does anyone have any requests?" would it be inappropriate to say, "different music?"?   Asking for a friend (that friend being my brain).

I attend two different yoga classes each week. One is more actual yoga, the other is a yoga/pilates fusion class.  And I'm realizing that the pilates class is really hard and kind of un-fun.  Either I'm just not a skilled pilates-r or the class is designed to hurt me. The repetitious contortions I'm made to suffer last far too long and by the end I'm basically dying. It hurts so bad, not good. The other yoga class is a good hurt. I'm happy to hurt that way.  But this one just makes me want to collapse and crawl, defeated, to the wall.  And it's confounded in an extreme manner by the music the instructor chooses to play.  One day it was a whole ALBUM of 4 Non Blondes. Now, most music from the 90's makes me die a little inside, but listening to this (and it wasn't quiet) just aggravated my already precarious physical state and, though yoga/pilates is supposed to help me focus and recenter and all that, I became more and more agitated and distracted and all I could think about was propelling myself through my roll-over and kicking the music into oblivion. 

Image result for pilates roll over gif

Holy crap, that's huge! ha ha ha. But you get a clear picture. Also, when I went on my google hunt for that, I discovered that this was the most difficult exercise of the "advanced mat" exercises in pilates. What! Now I don't feel so lame for sucking.  

Anyway, listening to the 4 Non Blondes song was bad, but then when it ended it started back up again and I thought, NO! and almost shed a tear. The instructor paused to get on her phone and fiddled with it, saying, "I can't ever figure out how to take the repeat off."   Whew, I thought.  It will be over soon. We'll get another song. She succeeded but then another 4NB song came on and it sounded exactly the same. It was different, but the same, and as I twisted and lifted and said small repeated prayers for my spine, I pondered that I might actually be in hell.

Switch to a different day, same pain, this time to an album of John Mayer whose music is grating on my soul.  I was really distracted listening to it and I thought about him a lot, particularly while listening to his "hits" of old.  The high school song, the your body is a wonderland song. Comparing how I felt about it now to then, when the 90's made it so we just didn't know any better.   This kind of reflection combined with un-fun physical work was not the kind of focus I wanted to have and I don't know what to do next time.  What kind of music will she have? I'm wondering if it might be a deal-breaker for me.  And I'm a little scared of what will be waiting for me.


Diana said...

Different teacher!!!! Though I don't know if I've ever even heard of 4 non blondes. That move would FOR SURE break my back. Like for reals, I wouldn't be walking the next day.

)en said...

Yeah, I’m really beginning to wonder. It def feels counter intuitive. “Now, you know you’re doing it right when you hear the big CRACK.”

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