Friday, January 05, 2018

New Year News

Well, it's the new year... again.    I just happened upon a gem of a t-shirt website where I want ALL the stuff and one of the shirts has a print of a digital clock reading 6:00AM and the words "Well it's Groundhog Day...again."  I want it. In fact, here, just go see.

Anyway, another new year another dollar. We had such a great Christmas break. I feel like we finally achieved maximum Christmas break actualization-- Christmas break as it should be.  Which = going nowhere and doing nothing.  We tried to do things, at first.  But Julian, ever the resistor, broke us down and we eventually succumbed to the comfortable and happy existence of lounge wear and daytime movies. Forgetting what day it is. I had forgotten Christmas break like this, how it used to be when i was in high school, for instance. Man, is it nice.  I usually can't stand to be in all day but somehow we found our lazy groove and it was so dreamy. Plus having Sean around without pressure to do specific things was pure bliss. Daytime movies mostly consisted of he and I watching while Julian was off who knows where.  Again, best ever.

But that ended and the new year began and I'd like to report a few things taking place since then:

1. Like the rest of the planet, we got an Echo Dot and are enjoying chatting her up, seeing what she knows, or in Julian's case, berating her just because. He's sure fun.

2. I got the flu, real bad.  Just me, so far, which is highly bizarre.  I never get sick and when I do, someone is usually down with me--hardly ever Sean.  But I remembered I got Julian the flu shot and didn't get one myself so, foot shot.  Highlights from being sick were expelling fluids from every orifice, and I do mean every. I'll allow you to imagine the logistics of that little nightmare for a moment.   Sean helpfully mentioned that if I could squeeze out a tear, then I'd get them all covered. Little does he know I may have wept in the night because it was the worrrrst. I decided I finally understood what a toilet feels like. When you puke so much you have to rehydrate just to keep it going.  Like, it was just like flushing a toilet where you have to manually dump water to get rid of the waste.  I'd puke, then gag down a ton of water so as to give my stomach the necessary lubrication to flush out another bout of poison during yet another round. Then just sit up and work it out, over and over.  What I want to know is, who crapped in me. Who. And why.

3. Sean and I started and bailed on a clean eating cleanse.  It was to last a week and we bought sooo much food for every single meal and snack listed for two people for 7 days. Protein and fruits and veggies. Almond milk and a little bit of cheese. No gluten.   And then I got sick or, you might say, got on a fast track cleanse, and it sort of went out the window. We learned some new interesting tricks and tasty food combos but we both decided we just don't like being told what to do. Plus we eat pretty cleanly already so it was kind of like, why.  Clean eating + the occasional baguette and ice cream = already the happiest, best lived life. 

4. Sean up and bought a cable box. I was like, what???  He explained it was for the olympics, and award shows. Ha ha! We take these events dead seriously. But really, i'm excited about that. I don't imagine we'll watch regular TV as it is terrible.  Do you have cable? If you don't, have you gone to someone's house who does? It is awful! The flipping, the commercials (or flipping commercials) UGH, i don't miss it. But I do miss having access to certain things. So olympics here we come (and award shows parties...)

5. This conversation tonight that cracked me up and I felt should be recorded.  I was bemoaning my questionable hunger mixed with fear of food that might hurt me again and he suggested he whip up a chicken soup with all the chicken I couldn't eat from the cleanse plus herbs and vegetables jam packed into our fridge since our cleanse was 90% vegetables.  And wow, what a soup! He's such a wizard. I marvel that he can just make something, no recipe.  He says he hates cooking with a recipe. I do not understand this thinking.  We are different.  But he used old timey noodles that look homemade but aren't and it was like, insanely good.  All of us were What About Bob'ing over it-- "Mmmm mmm MMMM!"  Anyway, that's a sidenote. Here's the conversation.

Julian started it by saying if everyone on the planet were gone except us and our friends (i'm surprised and happy he thought to include them), he'd go over to the Walmart and go to the hot wheels aisle and just start tearing them all open. 

I replied saying it would be fun to just go wild in Walmart.  I then said, "I saw a movie once about a girl who lived in Walmart."

Sean jumped in somewhat excitedly, "When, recently?"

I said, "No..."

Sean replied, still eager, "I remember it, Where the Heart Is."

I was totally busting by then because if you know this movie you know it is a random chick flick from 90's yesteryear and just sometimes the things that come out of Sean's mouth make me laugh in surprise.  And how his eyes like, lit up.  Laughing, I had begun walking around the table to grab a piece of paper to write all of this down when he said, "now, the thing about that is..."  and i had to tell him to wait so i could write down the first stuff first.  He never initially understands why I see any of what just transpired as funny or worth writing down.  I have to point it out to him. 

We then had a conversation about Natalie Portman and her career and finding the right roles.  I then said, "You know what? I tried to watch the new Jack Reacher, blah blah movie today and I couldn't do it, I had to turn it off! It was so terrible!"

Sean said, "why? was it the same story line?"

I said, "It's just more Tom being Tom in his Tom'ness.  I am so tired of the same old Tom crap!"

Julian interjected:  "You said 'crap!' You owe me ten cents!" 

I replied, "I said, Tom GRAP... His name is Tom Grap"  And Sean laughed and referred to him as Tom Grap for the rest of the conversation and we both had laughs over it and it was just a funny dinner and the moral of ALL of this is DON'T SEE JACK REACHER BLAH BLAH (whatever it is) because Tom Grap needs to stop, just STOP.  I even begged the universe (google), "Why does Tom Cruise keep making the movies he does"  and there were so many links to relevant opinion pieces that helped answer my question.

And that, friends, has been my New Year's and that's news to me.


Joel said...

Yay for this. I am still trying to come up with a year-end/new year post and am coming up empty.

Random thoughts:

Boo to cable. I don't go to a restaurant and pay for everything on the menu just to get the two things I want. It's the worst business model ever. Well, maybe a distant second to slavery. ... That got dark. Sorry.

Love the idea of just sitting around all Christmas break. This is pretty much what we did, and it was nice. School started up again this morning and it was rough. I liked having the mornings to myself for a couple weeks.

I watched half of the second Jack Reacher and completely forgot about it. I didn't hate it, but it wasn't particularly memorable. It never occurred to me to go back and finish it.

)en said...

Cable truly is the worst. I had forgotten just how bad. Yesterday Sean and I looked at each other and said "it's gone after the olympics," which i think was the plan all along. With the increase of technology, more has rarely meant better in terms of children but I have to say the apple TV is a thousand times better than this. We're only 50% mindless in our show-watching rather than the 90% we would be with cable. Ugh.

At first I thought you'd had a couple weeks off work as well and would go off alone or something in the mornings and I was like, dang! And then I realized you were just enjoying quiet, alone mornings before work. Ha ha, I don't know how people do it with the chaos. Anyway, maybe that's what you meant, i'm not actually sure.

Yes, Jack Reacher who? Tom who? Grap?