Friday, October 14, 2016

Halloween Julianism

Earlier this month it was my niece's tenth birthday. We wanted to get her something fun but cool, and maybe a little bit more grown up, so Sean and Julian went to a home goods store and selected a pillow made out of brown'ish faux fur. Pretty cool. I'd take that present.

This cousin of Julian has been over a few times and expressed a love and desire to snuggle our cat but isn't allowed to have one of her own. So Julian and Sean rehearsed sort of the gift explanation (giftsplanation--probably unnecessary but I feel like this happens a lot. You know how you need to explain gifts) when she opened it.  It would go as follows:

"Since you like snuggling a cat but aren't allowed to have one of your own, we got you a furry pillow to snuggle."  

Or something like it.  Awww how friendly, how thoughtful, right?

So when she opened the present and Sean prompted Julian to say his line, instead out came THIS:


And of course Sean and I were like:  

We were in somewhat mixed company but as everyone laughed at what the WEIRDEST CHILD ON THE PLANET said, we, as parents, finished off with a sort of resigned disgust, a somewhat pathetic "soo...happy birthdaaaay..." 


Alanna said...

This totally made me and Craig snort with laughter. Nice work!

Also, reading this I realized that I am a somewhat compulsive giftsplainer-- no matter how boring my gift to someone is, I WILL tell you the entire story of how I picked it out and what my thought process was throughout. I think I may have a problem...

Ashley said...

Hahaha! That kid...