Monday, July 11, 2016

Eye Doctor

The Eye Doctor experience is a pleasant one. I've always enjoyed it at least. I think i like those awkward moments sitting so close, face-to-face with someone as they stare deep into my eyes.   Except the last time when I visited, the doc was about my age and when i complained of seeing those reflective retinal spots and wanted to know what he could do about it he shrugged and said "yes, you're getting older."  WHAT.  Unacceptable. But other than that, it's generally not a bad experience.

We knew the day would soon come that Julian would likely need the glasses.  I got contacts when I was in 8th grade but knew i needed them in 6th (yes, it was a foggy and confusing couple of years) and Sean got his at Julian's ripe little age of six. With our lame eyes combined,  he's basically been doomed. But I've been looking forward to it because I love nerds and little nerd children.  So when he began to show signs of not quite being able to see quite right I excitedly declared, "it's time!"  

The eye doc was super nice and great with the boy.  And Julian was cracking me the heck up.  He was similarly chatty as when he's with the hair dresser which is most entertaining.  The exam was quite thorough and they tested him in various ways which I appreciated and also enjoyed. The doc would show him a strip of 6 letters or so projected in reverse on a screen mounted to the wall behind him. I actually took a picture because it was so funny to me and guess who's the cool girl who forgot to turn off the sound on her phone when snapping the pic and it rang out nice and loud. Classy.


Julian was facing a mirror where he was to look and it was clear he wasn't seeing everything quite right when he would say things like this:


Box! Hahaha.  And he wouldn't even pause to think like, hmm, maybe "box" isn't actually supposed to be one of them. It looked like a box so it was a box. Next.

Another one:

" with a line through it... X....B..."

Sooo funny.  "circle with a line through it" made several appearances and he was so sure of what he was seeing, i had to turn around to double check.  Maybe that is what it was? Just to throw you? 

It reminded me of this scene from Parks and Rec:

It's the dawn of a new age.  So far the adjustment has been pretty smooth. And we got him a sweet glasses band so they'd stay on his face which makes him even nerdier.  So great.  Here are some pics of Julian with his new specs:


Alanna said...

Okay, I was thinking Julian looked just like Sean with those glasses, and then you had the picture of you two together and he looked like you, but I don't think you and Sean look the same, so now I'm just confused! But I love Julian's glasses and I think he looks adorable (now I sound like I'm saying either you or Sean is adorable-- this is getting totally creepy...)...

On a different note, I've never had glasses, but my husband has had em since he was in 2nd grade or something, so I doubt we'll be lucky enough to have my genes win out in ALL of our kids. So when one of them needs glasses, rather than crying over it, I'm going to come back and read this post again. So thank you for this in advance!!!

)en said...

Ha. Glasses are ok, they really are. And for some people, glasses suit them better than no glasses. Sean said back in the day he tried contacts for a time after having glasses for a while and people would say, " should wear glasses." Ha!