Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Summertime Julian Quote

Julian's not only learned to love the cat, he's developed shmoopy love, producing spontaneous cat nicknames and excels at the baby voice.  Some cat words he's made up:

Hugnut, a nickname I enjoy. He is a little hugnut, yes he is!  I wonder where he learned the kitty lovey baby voice.

Bunchum.  This happens when the cat sort of stands up on his hind legs.  It's funny and the word makes it funnier. 

And others I can't remember.  He toes the line of loving the cat too hard and I wear myself out getting after him and then rationalize in my head that maybe this is just normal, that cats are used to being tossed around by kids, that maybe he even likes it.  I won't say that I get a tiny bit of satisfaction when the cat retaliates at Julian when he's been loving him too hard.  I won't say it.   But the cat teaches him a lesson better than I ever could.

Our cat is crazy and wild and also very very soft and pillow-like.  It's a good thing I love animals because i could get a hefty profit for a catskin stole.  

Every once in a while Julian busts out with phrases that are just really, really well done. I'm learning a lot about the kid of late and this is one thing.  He's expressive. He's descriptive. And I'm so proud.  The other day I gave him a new notebook for him to use for whatever and he said he'd call it Julian's Log.  I mean, are you kidding me? Are you kidding me.  Anyway,  here's the funny weird quote he said the other day, about the cat, as he was loving up on the little hugnut:

"Mom, there's a giant, been-in-the-oven-too-long nugget over here. Think I'd better eat it." 

What? Just... what?  Outstanding.

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