Thursday, January 28, 2016

Nothing Rhymes with Orange

Every once in a while, I find myself inexplicably speaking in rhyme.  It's like a silly sickness, a rhyme virus, a joke disease, like "i caught the giggles."  Or something.  It comes and goes and when it comes I am amused and sort of try to see how far I can take it in my normal speech pattern. I don't think too hard, i just see what i can spontaneously do.

The other day I woke up in such a state.  Julian and I were downstairs at breakfasttime and I gave him the impossibly difficult task of peeling his own orange.  You may think I'm joking but this wasn't a clementine or similar sized miniature citrus, it was a normal, regular-sized orange. AKA massive, and a feat for the ages.  Even eating these things is a perilous venture. The slices are huge and we all take turns choking on it if we're not careful. Regular oranges are freakish to me.

The orange-peeling battle carried on through several of my morning kitchen chores and I urged him not to give up, not to surrender to the beast. The dialogue and accidental rhyming went as follows:

JULIAN: I can't do this! It's too hard!

JEN [jumping in to help]:  Keep going, we're at the end.  Piece by piece, bit by bit, just as long as you don't quit.

JULIAN: I always quit when I can't do something.

JEN: Well that's a shame.  You'll never know what you can do if you keep quitting before you're through.

HAHA!  How annoying is that. I probably could have kept going but then I'd have had to punch myself.  It was totally accidental I swear. Only in the split-second if I thought I could find a rhyming word, did I choose it.  Anyway, it was all so dumb I had to write it down. 

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Alanna said...

I heard of a professor who could speak only in Beatles song lines. THAT is what I aspire to! But rhyming everything is pretty fun, too!