Saturday, December 05, 2015

Gummy Salad

If there's something I subscribe to, it's the magic of the holiday season.  That and Entertainment Weekly.  The sad thing about that is so many of the tv shows they feature I know nothing about. Sadder still is that i don't even CARE to know about them. I love TV but am so uninterested in so many tv shows these days. What does this mean? What does it mean for mankind? 

But aside from that, it's the sights, the sounds, the smells. The magic of pulling out all of the decorations, sacred in their cardboard boxes left untouched for 325 days of the year. I remember this magic from my youth and I remember it well.  The box was white, rectangular and long. Full of mystery and wonderment. 

Much like the sprawling Chinese buffet we recently visited.  Ho-ly cow. These kinds of restaurants are still new for us and I hope to keep them that way.  We went for something to do and were just baffled by the spread of food stations.  Station after station. We tried a little bit of everything and it was totally fun.  Mandarin grill, where you heap raw food onto your plate and they grill it up for you and you eat two bites. Fried this, sweet and sour that, oodles of noodles, meat meat and more meat.  Frozen yogurt (a customary Chinese dessert), cakes and cookies.  We must have used up 15 plates just to put a few things on each one, because we're American and it is our right.

My favorite thing, though, had to be the salad buffet.  It summed up so much of what it means to be a resident of the free world and it tickled me to no end.

You've got your beets, your lettuce stuff, boiled eggs, a festive assortment of legumes, some unidentifable red stuff, slices of green olives, or pickles(?), some kind of seeds(?) and, of course, the most important part of salad-assemblage-- THE GUMMY BEARS.


Honorable mention goes to the goldfish crackers in the corner. 

God bless us, everyone! (I'm trying to see how many times I can say that this season. So far i'm at 2)