Tuesday, December 01, 2015

25 Days of Jen 2015

I can't recall how many years I've done this now but it's become quite the Christmas tradition for myself.  Maybe the 4th time? Let's do this thing.

Things I love about Christmas:

1. the music. But I restrain myself from listening to it before Thanksgiving.  It's hard sometimes. Every once in a while in mid-November I feel a surge of Christmas spirit just blow in through the windows out of nowhere.  "What was that??" I shout to no one.  I suddenly feel a strong desire to turn on  the Bing. I also get a little afraid I'm going to be visited by more ghostly presences on the hour. But I tell myself no. Not yet.

2. The feel and magic that decorations provide.  I've never decorated much for Christmas, living in a small space with 0 storage for such things.  But this year i've proclaimed to all that i plan to deck the heck out of these halls. Sean and I have a particular style. Just anything won't do. So we'll see what happens--i still struggle to spend money on objects to be merely displayed and then stored. But i'm sure i can find the courage somewhere.  

3.  Advent calendars.  Julian and I go a little crazy for our advents. This year we have:

-lego advent-- we love it so much, we don't allow ourselves to even talk about it on the off-season. "Remember the little lego boat and little lego presents--"  "NO! STOP TALKING ABOUT IT."   We want to keep that magic wrapped up in a tight little package that doesn't get to be opened until Dec. 1

-paper chain. last year i wrote little activities and things on in the inside of them every couple of days. This year i forgot that and spoiled Julian got upset:  "What's a paper chain without the activities??"  Geez. So it's a good time to remind him the simple joys of taking off a link of a chain just to watch it get shorter. 

-chocolate flap door advent--must have.

-pouch advent. An adorable quilt with a little mouse moving from day to day. This year we've inserted Jesus parables so we don't immediately drown solely in peppermint patterns and pine candle smell. 

-tiny tree advent. One of my very favorite things. Tiny tree with tiny ornaments. yay.

4. All the lights.  We might even put some up this year. Of course, we should probably throw away the pumpkins first... I'm just like, why? they're perfectly preserved in 30-degree aka refrigeration temperatures.  Every once in a while I think back fondly of Dyker Heights Lights, knowing I'll never find another place like that again. It feels like a dream, and that's because it is.  

So many more things I enjoy.  Christmas is just fun. It feels like a month-long vacation but you stay put. But your walls look different, your furniture is arranged differently, large bushes adorn the room. All the things that make up the perfect vaycay all in the comfort of your own home. 

I wonder what this Christmas will bring. Let's find out.

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