Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Day's Pictures' Worth

Newsflash: Spring actually comes to Utah when it's supposed to. Actually that's not quite true as we have been living in perpetual spring since mid-February, which I'm assuming is highly unusual. But it's starkly different from my old home where March is the most brutal beast of all of winterdom. The equinox will come and go and March doesn't even bat an eye. It's the time of year when, if it gets warm at all, it's rainy. A warm dry day hardly exists at all, let alone in spring. I'm pretty excited to have a lovely dry birthday this year, i'll be honest. 

This morning the day was particularly fine. It's hard to specifically choose this day above others since the weather is pretty consistent for at least several days, but for some reason there was just something in the air. And it caused me to take pictures throughout the day and I will illustrate it for you now.

The first picture I took was after I had sat down on the floor with the ipad to check my email. I got one from my friend who duly felt it incumbent to direct me to this very worthwhile video.  Little did she know what shirt I chose to wear this day. Which probably set the tone for the whole lovely day, actually. I sent her a picture to declare her a prophetess:


These were taken on the walk to the bus.

I was like, "Hey kid, you look about twelve. Stand in front of that bush, will ya."  

Then we looked on the other side of the road and I laughed at this scene. "One piece ought to do it."  I'm so impressed. If I had done that, which i would, you wouldn't even see the box. Just a big ball of tape.


On the way back from the bus. We live on the end of this woodsy quiet lane with like six other houses.  It's actually quite picturesque and the birds abound.  While I often feel this place is too quiet, I would quiet down so I could hear the birds.  I saw this one hopping in a tree by me and it felt really close even though you can hardly see it. You can see it in the upper center quadrant.


I really think this bush? bed of yellow grass? is so pretty. And you can't see them but a family of quail just scampered off in the shadows in the background. 

On the way to school a couple of hours later. Along the way is one of the best trees of all, the weeping willow. I don't know if I just love the look of it or that its name implies so much emotion. I guess those are the same things. I wonder what alternative names could be? Depressive Willow. Droopy Willow. Woeful Willow. Wallowing Willow -- think we have a winner.  


So there's this house on the way to/from school that STILL has their Christmas tree up. And it's really starting to creep me out. Having your tree up this long is unacceptable anyway but having it so out in the open like that just gets more and more mysterious and even ominous to me. I need to know what's going on. Is the family on one big extended holiday? Have they all been murdered in their home, still sitting at the dining room table for Christmas dinner??  WHAT'S GOING ON?
And in case you thought the wagon was dead, fear not. It is very much alive and just as beloved. I sometimes walk to pick Julian up from school which is freakish and weird around here but I have to; i just have to. And since I don't know how to exercise in the traditional sense, I sometimes bring the wagon for some added resistance.   This also makes the walk back home not 3 hours long, but he actually loves it too.

Got some new sandals. Orange Tevas for $20. I love them. It's pretty lame to take a picture of my feet but I'd do it for Tevas.  


Earlier at the bus stop Julian picked some dandelion leaves and told me you can eat them. He told me to "make something for dinner with them" which made me laugh out loud. "Make something for dinner"! LOL, that kid...  But anyway, i did take them home and put them in a tiny salad we shared after school and am praying we don't get the runs. They're pretty bitter, if you wanted to know, but not bad.  Also, dandelions are handy if you need a writing implement on the go:

The slanty accent mark was just the first dandelion test but I like how things ended.  I may adopt that as a new signature, like how I used to put a tiny registered trademark sign by my name and how these days a ) is a fun J. My name is like a separate entity of its own. 

After we had returned home we ate our dandelion salad outside while i finished our book, one of my favorites called The Fairy Rebel that i thieved from my parents' house. It's about a woman who comes into contact with fairies and elves that live in her rose garden. Then we busted out the airbrush paint kit and an Easter egg stencil and made masterpieces:


Here's an up close shot.
Then I looked up and the moon was like, hello, what about me?


Sean resting his bones next to Mr. Bones:

The End.


suvi said...

Isn't it even creepier though to have decorations from Halloween still up on the cusp of May? Just sayin...

)en said...

HAHA! Touche, suvi. Well, if the reason for our keeping halloween decorations up this long was because we were murdered, that would at least be appropriate for the holiday.

lindsey v said...

I've been jealous of your ability to use a ) in your name. It took me a long time to realize that I could use the ( in mine. Haha.
I guess it could be taken as Cindsey.

)en said...

Cindsey is cute too. :) /_indsey? [_indsey...