Friday, December 19, 2014

The Bentley Snowflake

Some time ago, Sean told me about this guy, Wilson Bentley, who was a farmer in Pennsylvania or something and in the off season, took to photographing snowflakes. They're called Bentley Snowflakes and I am in love. These things are just magic.   I stare at them and I feel like I'm under some kind of strange, jarringly beautiful spell cast by that bewitching sorceress Mother Nature herself.  And I can't look away. I simply cannot look away.

The seasons are a big part of my life and who I am. I feel very connected to them and because of this, I feel like if i were to ever have a place to decorate, I would have seasonal artwork to reflect what's going on outside my house and in my soul. And just rotate it throughout the year. And all this winter I would have these sparkling little glories plastered on my walls so i could look at them all day every day and let their complex magic calm me from the inside out.  They are all so different, so staggeringly intricate, and yet each one is perfect. They are nature at its most stunning, and, in my opinion,  do a bit to bridge that so-called gap between inexplicable science and religion. Because why should there exist something so beautiful? Why? 



Pedersen Posse said...

There's a neat children's book about Bentley. You should read it. You'd like it.

)en said...

I got it! I have it. And i do love it.