Sunday, December 21, 2014

Joel Wins the World

Since Joel was the only one to comment, he gets his own celebratory blog post title.  Thanks for your contribution, Joel. Way to use your word power.  Let's see how they work out, shall we?

Our Christmas Madlib is titled:

Toys For the Kids

Today's parents buy very smoldering toys for their little cabbage moths. Fifty years ago, children got inappropriate electric trains or baby dolls that said, "booyakashaa!" when you squeezed them.  Now children only want electronic jello molds.  Even  4 1/2-year-olds know how to broil a computer.  Or a jack-o-lantern processor.  Kids want remote-controlled electrons.  Or tiny robot monsters that can blow up your meringue or take your okapi prisoner.  Everything has to have a silicon parade in it and be operated by a nine-volt sausage casing. By the year 2010, all American children will probably want to have their 
own misanthropic space shuttle and swollen robot 
playmate manufactured by General Motors.  In fact, by that time, maybe children will be manufactured by a grotesque assembly line and operated by nine-volt parasitic worms.

Pretty great.  This one took kind of a depressing and super gross turn. My favorite part is probably the inappropriate electric trains (what would that be??) and remote-controlled electrons sounds like it would be amazing. Kind of boggles the mind. I think you're onto something here, Joel.   Yay, madlibs!


Ashley said...

Also, "swollen robot playmate" = Big Hero 6? Let's start calling it that instead.

Joel said...

This made my day. And in case anyone was wondering where "Booyakashaa!" comes from, click here.