Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ohhhh Fuuuudge

Every year, my sisters get together and bake up a Christmas storm of fancy and pretty cookies.  This year Sean was a participant and we were able to contribute to this cookie fest.

My mom made the fudge blob. She is Queen of Fudge.

Ash made Gingerdoodles, a combo of ginger snaps and snicker doodles--Christmas dream come true!

She also made some florentines, this super thin lace cookie with chocolate drizzled on top.

Stephanie made raspberry macaroons. So tiny and adorable.

Sean and I made candy cane cookies and cookie dough truffle balls.  The truffle balls required the candy melts which are gross x 1,000 but so fun to decorate.  The candy cane dough was so melty soft that only Sean and his wizard tricks could work it into a twist. 

I would have liked to get pictures of all of us baking and working and decorating, wearing various aprons of various sizes.  But I didn't. As usual though, Ash got a pic of the final plate.  First Sean and then I a few minutes later, came in, saw what she was doing, and were like, uhhh that's not the right way to wrap a present. Also, really? Wrapping a plate of cookies?  Won't that be just a little bit of a disaster?  But no. It was for the pic. We all had a good laugh and then oo'ed and ahh'ed.

Here it is!

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