Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Guest Post: A Little Boy Who Was Four

by Julian

Once upon a time there was a little boy who was four, like me. And his name was Johnson.

Actually his name was John.  And he had a round ring. He took it outside and he dropped it in a down deep hole, a down wide hole. And he climbed a rope and with a flashlight he looked under ground and there was lots and lots of jewels.  He dug with a shovel, but he didn't know which ring was his.  He was trying to find it with the flashlight and he found something shiny.  He looked and looked until he bumped into something.

It was just the end of the hole.

So, he shoveled and shoveled and found more space and he found more rings, but he couldn't find his. So he shoveled and shoveled and shoveled [repeat 7 times] and he realized he was digging under the street! He found pipes.  Actually, he was under the earth where there's lots of jewels inside Earth.  He kept digging and digging with his shovel until he found  a shiny light shivering down. He realized it was a car going under the road! The car fell in the deep hole and broke into pieces.  He could hardly know, but he realized it was yellow, so he realized it was a taxi cab!  He found pieces of seat and pieces of steering wheel too.  And then he heard *clickity clack, clickity clack!* and he realized it was the train.. the subway!  He then saw something shiny and gold and he realized it was his ring!

But he didn't know which way was right. And so he walked until he fell down in the subway. But he couldn't get up because the hole he had made was too up to the ceiling.  So he took the train up and up and he saw two huge eyes! It was the Ring Monster!  But he said, "hello, I'm nice. I just wanted to see what your ring looked like."   The boy said, "oh, I'm not so sure I want to show you. It's special. My mom gave it to me."

The End.

***Alternate Ending***
The boy said, "ok, i'll show you my ring."  Then the Ring Monster said, "ooo your ring looks shiny! Can i keep it?"  The boy, John, said "Maybe, i'll think about it. Sure, you can keep it."  The Ring Monster kept it and loved it.

The End.


Ashley said...

The. Best.

"He could hardly know" and "Hello. I'm nice." So delightful.

I'm calling Julian for my next book ideas.

P.S. I would also like to know how this post came about. The specifics.

Alanna said...

He could have helped Tolkien out a bit, couldn't he?

I love the city elements of this-- your son is a total New Yorker! (Or is the correct term Brooklyn-ite or something? I don't know. Whichever one is cooler and/or more accurate!)

)en said...

Both are equally accurate, and cool. :) Yes you can see where he draws his inspiration from. I am pleased.

I don't know how it happened. I"m pretty sure i was already there at the computer and he just started telling me a story so I stealthily started transcribing. If i hadn't been there already, he assuredly would not have given me time to yell "WAIT!" and run to the computer. Pretty great though.