Friday, April 18, 2014

Julian to King's Pawn

Back in the day I did some substitute teaching and one day I came head-to-head with a kindergartener who totally schooled me at chess.  This was before I learned how to play and in my defense, and according to his friend who came up to watch, he was not playing entirely honestly, but I was none the wiser.  (Also, did ALL 5-year-olds know how to play chess?)   Well anyway, I'm realizing that Julian is coming up on his 5th and I need to get on it.  So here's a little glimpse of our progress. I don't want to brag but he's pretty much a chess genius, and also, better than your kid.


Joel said...

I just want to confess that I am the worst chess player in the world. On my mission I learned Chinese chess, and when I taught it to a companion later he beat me in the very game in which I was teaching him to play.

)en said...

haha! I missed this one. That is a sad tale indeed.