Thursday, October 03, 2013


I was looking through the pictures on my phone and came to this.  For the longest time I could NOT figure out what it was.  I sat there staring at it. All i saw was UFO, UFO.. it's a UFO.  What is this?? UFO. 

And then I saw the finger there, held up for scale, and I remembered i took a picture of the world's teeniest spider and his beautiful little miniature web on the car door handle, just trying to make his way in the big world.  And I smiled a pity smile as I do at spiders who try and fail at web location. Either their dreams are too lofty or they just choose a dysfunctional spot.  I then opened the door to go to Trader Joe's or something and just like that, his little world, his hopes and dreams were crushed. It really put some things into perspective for me. 

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