Monday, July 15, 2013

Miracle Berries

And when I opened up the refrigerator and retrieved the container, lo, I beheld what I believed to be a miracle! For there before me was a carton of strawberries, purchased days and days ago, and as I sliced, each berry had seemed to have rolled through a fountain of youth (too bad not a chocolate fountain of youth), its color and freshness astoundingly maintained.   What is this madness!!  I shouted at the berries, half-joyful, half-afraid of them.

Then as I sliced, the consistency of the berry's insides, the slight pull on the knife revealed the answer,  the secret to my accidental success: The real miracle was not the berries, but the appliance, the amazing super-fridge that doubles as a halfhearted freezer.


1 comment:

Valerie said...

Same here, but with carrots.

Also, there was less suspicion of wizardry, as whole carrots look pretty much the same until the moment they disintegrate.

And you, half-joyful, half-afraid: priceless.