Tuesday, December 25, 2012

On the 25th Day of Jen

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas.  Meeeeerry Christmas!

Well, we've reached the end of 25 Days of Jen and I'm kind of sad about it.  I don't know about you but I've kind of loved it.  It's added so much merriment to my life and celebration.  And I've loved getting into the habit of looking for things to talk about or think about and get my brains rolling.

And, per tradition, I share with you the Seaniferian Christmas Card, 2012.   I admit I was stressing this year about it, having no good ideas.  But then, sudden inspiration befell me and I knew what we had to do.

Special thanks to Sean for humoring my crazy ideas and a 500-step process.  Cutting and pasting and gluing and decorating and tying.   We worked on a few every night and it is really one of my very favorite things to do for the season.

I am not sure we have as much fun as we do when taking our Christmas card picture. Sean brings home the work camera and we set the timer on the tripod and it is a blast.  Julian is such a little poser and we laugh and it's basically the best. 

Here it is:

Another one:

Feel free to cut these out and add them to your own ornament collection!

I also learned an important lesson: I love glitter glue.

Merry Christmas, once again, to YOU, and especially you. (You know who you are)


lindsey v said...

Oh my goodness! I was SO thinking of doing an ornament Christmas card for this year but then I did nothing so that took care of that. But mine wouldn't have been near as awesome as yours with your amazing glitter accessories added.

)en said...

All one ever really needs in life is glitter. Important life lesson. That sounds redundant.