Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Tip #?

This one is for a particular party i have in mind.

So, every now and then I enjoy me some nice jello.  I mean, who doesn't?  And today when I cleaned out the cupboard (NOT because i saw a bug in there. I absolutely clean out the cupboard on a regular basis) I realized we were in some possession of some very fine-looking jello indeed. And then I forgot about it. And just now i was throwing together some dinner and as I surveyed the scene i thought, you know what would really take this meal from an A+ to an A+++?  Jello.  Unfortunately we don't have hours upon hours to wait for it to set.  And thus it always is with me and jello.   And thus i still have those boxes in the cupboard that have been in that cupboard for X length of time.

So then i was thinking, how long has jello been around? Approximately forever.  And how long have we as humans loved it? Same time.  So what gives? Why has it gone largely unchanged? I mean, waiting FOUR HOURS for it to be ready to eat?? What kind of convenience is that? In a world when I can get basically everything that could make me happy in a matter of seconds, naturally, jello should be included.   So get on that, NASA.  On behalf of America, do something about it and at least cut it down to an hour or something.  

Am i right??

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Ashley said...

You're so right. Has anyone ever tried jello in the freezer? I wonder what would happen, if you caught it just before it freezes.