Sunday, August 19, 2012

Marriage Crises

Sorting through some pens, trying to select some to use for an event where they might get lost/taken home/left, etc. 

Jen:  I have gross pens that work, but we will want those, right? I don't want to throw them away. I mean, they're good still.
Sean:  Let's use them.
Jen: But they still work! We don't want to give away all our pens!
Sean theorizing: But if we have enough good pens, then it doesn't matter if you give some of them away, right?
Jen, aghast:  NO! That's not true! You can't give ANY of your good pens away.  You need them ALL.  Don't you know anything about pens?!

And THEN...

A few days ago we were on a cleaning/organizing rampage, sorting through piles and putting everything in its place.  Then Sean left to run an errand.  I came to my desk here and found this.

What does it MEAN? I mean, what's he trying to say?!  I don't have a problem!!  What, i lose them.  So what. It's not like i hoard them, on purpose.  It's just like, the passive aggressiveness of it. It's so presumptuous! You have something to say? Just talk to me directly!  What, do you not approve? What, these tubes cost like $1.75?   I don't have a problem!   

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