Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Thoughts

thus far.

Let's use bullets.

  • Sean: Opening ceremonies. My first olympic thought is that it has been reduced to a Housewives-level of intelligence, and i don't really remember it being that way before.

    True.  Example:  "Djibouti! Some countries' names just make you smile."    Meredith:  Those kids don't look sick to me!

    they had like, war-torn african countries and they'd just say something stupid and move on. What, can't we honor these people for becoming world class athletes in the middle of a war?

    they want to keep it light, Sean. It's the opening ceremonies! You don't want to rain on a parade that hasn't even started.

     It's true, though. The more we talked about it and looked up articles, the more we hated it and curse Matt Lauer, etc for ruining the opening ceremonies. Could they have not done some research? It was like they were watching it for the first time, with us, and were paid to make stupid and offensive comments.

  • I loved the countries with like 3 people representing. So cute. 
  • Michael Phelps kind of bugs me. Maybe he's not Mr. Smooth on camera, but he just kind of comes off arrogant and dim.  Team Lochte & Lezak!
  • Natalia Partyka of Poland, the table tennis star with a stump arm!  Amazing!! Inspired!
p.s. speaking of offensiveness,Sean tells me "stump" might be offensive.  I guess i should say, with an incomplete arm? I don't know.  I apologize. I'm just so impressed! It's a stump!

  •   I know an olympian! Well, I've seen her in person. She's Logan Tom of the volleyball team. She is my age and I watched her high school team destroy ours in 1997.  We drove home screaming "number two! We're number twooo! Yeah!!" out the window of the car, because we're that cool.

  • I was talking to an acquaintance a couple of days ago about the olympics and he asked me something like, "So do you play any sports? What do you like?" and as I began to answer, "no, i don't currently play ANY sports (frown) but i used to and..."  he said, "what would your event be in the olympics?"  I cut myself off and said, "well, those are two completely different questions."  He was just being friendly, and we didn't have time to get into it, but i finally answered "badminton maybe."  But i really need to give this serious thought.
  • Water polo!!  It's so intense! It's TOO intense. I am utterly exhausted upon watching it. It's like a torture sport. Sounds fun at first but it's just too much! First of all, swimming--*pant pant pant*  Second, playing a sport/game whilst swimming--*pant pant pant* Thirdly, all whilst treading water?!? I can't. It's too mmuh... *blacking out*....*coming to*  Seriously, i can't even watch it.

  • I love all the weird random events, like skeet shooting.  It makes me wonder, what out there have i not tried that i could perhaps be amazing at? Something that i have natural ability for and i just don't know about it??   It's thoughts like these that perpetuate my own unattainable and physically impossible lofty olympic dreams.   That said, I've shot some skeets in my time and I surprised myself. I shot a few on my first try. (file that under "girls camp memories")   Then again, it could have been a one-time wonder, like croquet
That's it for now. Stay tuned, these will be sporadic. 


Lindsey said...

I was shocked to learn today that "speed walking" is an Olympic sport. Who would have thought?

James Best said...

I'm obsessed with Kim Rhodes. Five gold medals?! 99 out of a 100 skeets? She's like the most lethal person on planet earth. Maybe she'll be my best friend.

And Water Polo is nutso. I'd never really watched it before. I described it to someone like this: "It's like a hockey match was going on and suddenly the ice melted and the hockey players stripped down to their overtight undies and kept fighting."

I love the freaking Olympics.

)en said...

Ha! perfect.

Is speed walking part of track?? Can't wait.