Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday Stats

24:  technical hours

168 (and counting): celebrated hours

2: birthday signs.  First one spotted when I met Julian outside my door singing "Haaappy birrrfday to yooouu---gasp!" when he saw the sign on the wall that Sean had hung. Best way to wake up on your birthday, I'm pretty sure.  2nd sign on the wall across from the bathroom mirror. So of course it's written in reverse. And of course it was sent by my sister with specific instructions because of course we used to do this for each other way back in the day.

1: Clothing store inthewhich I did some sweet solo-shopping and came away with some good bounty. My heart belongs to Uniqlo.

1: thing i bought in the MoMa Design Store (a subway card holder) before I had to flee from being overcome with delights and wonders at every turn.

1: fellow Taurus who ran the check-out, and to whom i blurted it was my birthday, and who responded by saying her birthday was a few days earlier and did the same everywhere she went.  Is it a Taurus thing? I guess so.

57 seconds: how long it took me to inhale the tastiest Australian burger I've ever had the honor of devouring. Accompanied with such great conversation teeming with laughter and all things good, one doesn't even need dessert.

1: bowl of Sex, Drugs, and Rocky Road shared at Rice to Riches, because though good conversation is fine and all, Val and I couldn't say no to some traditional birthday rice pudding.

60:  minutes of a blissful massage.

20: finger and toenails getting revamped with a treat of a lady.

10: emails from my sis, celebrating The 10 Days of Birthday in email form. Some were wacky quizzes, one was a name poem, one was an email in italian i had to translate using Google Translator, which was so funny. What a clever girl. Loved it.

Too many to count: friends to celebrate with at a surprise party that took me way too long to grasp was happening. "It is so WEIRD that our friends keep showing up!"

Years am I: 32, or two Sweet 16's, Sean's party theme. First Sweet: ice cream at Ample Hills, ice cream mecca of Brooklyn.  Second Sweet: birthday cheesecake immediately thereafter at the house with sweet 16 candles and balloons and platter after platter of goodies and foods Sean miraculously conjured out of nowhere.  Seriously cannot believe all that he did. And does. And will ever do.

Julian and I spent the week celebrating my birthday. We went to birthday brunch together one day, rode the birthday bus the next to buy some birthday books (Amelia Bedelia and Frog and Toad-- so happy).  Sean and I made birthday cupcakes one night to take to a class because I'm 10.

It all could have been too much birthday but for a girl like me, it was just perfect. Best birthday EVER!


Ashley said...

1. Oh my freak! Happ Burfay? He is the cutest thing alive.
2. Glad you had so much birthday fun. I know how much you love it. Also, thanks for putting up with my wackiness.
3. The video YouTube suggested I could watch after watching the treasure you posted: "Happy birthday with a chippendale." Thanks.

Joel said...

Am I the only one who doesn't know what an Australian burger is? I feel like I'm missing out on something important.

Heartfelt happywishes on your birthday (to be applied retroactively).

Valerie said...

I cannot believe I missed that after-Ample Hills-party. Platter after platter? Ugh.

After hearing all those stats, it feels like it's going to be a good year.

lindsey v said...
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lindsey v said...

You and your sister do the funnest things.
And happy birthday. That little song was the cutest.

Rob said...

We have been to NYC three times and asked for suggestions from you thrice!... and have never heard of this ice cream could you?!...unless it's that place down by the bridge, otherwise how could you?!

)en said...

it's new! 'ish.

Pedersen Posse said...

Happy belated birthday. I totally thought of you a couple times on the 27th. I even said it out loud in the car to my babies. "Hey guys, it's Jen's birthday today." Too bad I wasn't near the computer when that happened to wish it to you in person... sort of.

Isn't funny how you always remember certain days from your childhood like Melissa G. had a groundhog bday? Your birthday just happens to be one of the days I remember too. Aren't you lucky? :)