Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stay Cool

It's been a hot summer.  Every summer is hot, but these days it's been very hot, and consecutively so.  It's the kind of heat where you just can't go outside.  Well you can, but you might die.  So if you want to risk that, that's your business.  I ask myself what i'd rather be: a summer shut-in or a winter shut-in?  And I definitely say a summer shut-in.  a) our A/C rocks the house and b) i still don't have one of these.  Plus, laws of science state that summer is always better, even if it's just as extreme at times. As I was walking home yesterday from running errands i thought to myself, what IS it about this heat? I guess it's the humidity; it always comes back to that.  But it's just the inescapability of it.  It feels as though it comes from within.  I read once that the actor who plays Hagrid had to wear an ice pack around his waist because wearing all those heavy clothes made him insanely hot. Maybe i should get one of those.  All of that said, I'm loving the summer and am not yet sick of it to where I tearily pray for cooler temps.  [yet]

Here are a few ways we're keeping cool these days, a little hodgepodge to add to your summer stew. So you might say your summer stew is a gazpacho:

Last week I did something weird. I got in the car and drove to a grocery store. This is extra weird because this grocery store has a *gasp of disbelief*... parking lot!!  I know: WHAT?  It's not far from my house yet i never ever go to it.  There's a supermarket about 4 blocks away from us and we'll usually pick up stuff on our strolls or whathaveyou.  But yeah, i got a real grocery cart and put Julian in it and everything! So weird. It was quite an adventure.  And I accidentally/on purpose bought a 24-pack of these babies, which take some credit in saving us: 

Mmm, they are delightful.  Especially the orange ones, which are reminiscent of dreamsicles.   I guess i kind of have cold-sensitive teeth (nobody tell me if this means something bad)  so sometimes when I eat these popsicles i bite off a chunk and then move it way to the back next to my last molar where there are no more teeth, and sort of gum it and I pretend i'm 90.  It's kind of fun, kind of sad. 

I have mentioned that in my youth I would become attached (physically and emotionally) to a certain outfit or article of clothing and basically wear it until it dies into a puff of smoke.  I must not have been the only one.   Fortunately, even now every once in a while something will come along that I will become quite attached to that was totally unforeseen.  Especially on the hottest of days, when any thought put toward what to wear becomes an exertion too great, and you just can't afford to waste the sweat glands thinking about.  So these are my summer shorts. They were given to me by my sister for my birthday. They are weird, confusing, so comfy & breathy, and I LOVE THEM:

First of all, questions: this super super high waist.  What is that? Do i wear it as high as it goes (pretty sure it's folded in the pic, or at least slouchy)  (I like how i can't just look down, as i took that photo 3 minutes ago and am still wearing the pants) Are they maternity pants? 

And the elastic at the bottom--what is the intent? Over the knee? Under? i don't know. I'm confused, but i always like a bit of mystery in my clothes.  I also like things that are slightly hobbit-esque. In addition, the pockets are 50 miles deep: always love that.  I wear them for all occasions. With the right shirt and sandals they can be dressed up and down.  And that's what i have to say about my weirdo slouchy hobbit shorts that i basically wear every single day.  Thanks again, sis.

Julian and I have been going to the pool a lot.  These city pools are quite something, i'll tell ya.  First, there are strict rules one must obey or be tossed out.  There are lockers to store your stuff but you must provide the lock.  The only items you can bring out to the pool are a towel, shoes, maybe water, and sunscreen. Maaaybe a book. No bag, no phone, no food, nothing else.  You can't even wear additional clothes over your suit unless it's a white tee. White.  Babies must wear swimmy diapers (a rule i very much support) and you must show them proof of the swimmy and that you have a lock, before they let you in.  At noon, they announce that lunch is served, and a free sack lunch is provided by the city for all kids under 18.   You get all kinds of people here.  The uppity, the down, the middle, the sideways.  It's great. I love it for that reason. And i love it because swimming is the BEST, and Julian loves it more than life itself.

Speaking of swimmer diapers, to give you a good summertime laugh, here is a gchat conversation I just had with Sean:

First, Sean just himself a nice new phone.  It was kind of a surprise/off-the-cuff purchase that he just made without discussing it, which I am fine with because Sean never does things like that and deserves some things.

Sean:  fyi my phone is out in a fedex for delivery today, I don't want you to wait for it or anything, just fyi

 me:  oh ok... fyi i bet you're peeing your pants with excitement..
 Sean:  FYI, maybe I am not peeing!
 me:  fyi maybe you already have a little/lot
 Sean:  FYI I wore a swimmy so I'm FINE
Sean:  keeps me nice and dry
 me:  oh my gosh
         now I'M peeing
         dang, where's MY swimmy
        ohhhh man. funny man.


Joel said...

Am I the only one whose first thought upon seeing those shorts was "pirate"?

They do look a lot like yoga clothing, though.

Brooke said...

Swimmy. Hee hee.

Stephanie said...

You are so welcome. They look awesome and I did use the Jen Force when choosing them for you. :)

)en said...

ha, totally pirate pants. or gypsy shorts?