Monday, July 11, 2011

Julian Quote

I was hoping this day would come.

I may have mentioned Julian's greatest love in all the world is buses.  This isn't uncommon with small kids, but I believe he has an uncommon kind of love. More specifically, obsessive and possibly unhealthy.

He was sitting on my lap while I was folding laundry. We had his towel and he looked at me and said, "wowel?"   The dialogue went like this:

Jen: No, Towel.

Julian: wowel

Jen: towel

Julian: wowel

 Jen: TOWel

Julian: WOWel

Jen: Towel--t-t-t-

Julian: wowel

Jen: Can you say tuh-tuh-tuh? Tuh-owel

Julian: bus

He was reading a book that had a picture of a cat. He has a funny way of saying "meow."  It's really intense: "EeeeeOWWWWW!"    He said this when he saw the cat but added a variation:

"EeeeeOWWWW!!! bus"


And then I caught him giving tender kisses to this. Unfortunately did not get a pic. It was kind of an awkward moment. I felt like I was spying.

But then I came around the corner, luckily with a camera, to see him cuddling with his little buses and dancing/twirling around the room with them.


Ah, love.

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Lindsey said...

When all else fails - Change the subject! Go Julian. He's learning healthy social skills early.