Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thuesday Thoughts

I love a good bulleted list:

  • I am THE world's worst gift wrapper. Seriously, i should have a certificate. I can make any gift look like a big pile o' crap. I find it endearing. And you will too, when you get your pile o' crap in the mail.
  • Something that always puts a damper on my day is when I take a nice crisp apple, cut a pretty slice for myself on the cutting board, and take a big bite only to realize the last thing I cut on the board was onions and i didn't wash it very thoroughly.  :( 
  • Someone once told me of a friend of theirs who used to say things pretty blatantly rude or at least very blunt and then tack on "no offense."  I love it, and I'm going to adopt this.
  • There are all these expressions in the world and oftentimes we like to guess where they came from, what the origin is.  Lately I realized how uncool one quickly became.  It is this: Pulling out all the stops. Yeah, that's a nice phrase. You're going ALL OUT.  Putting on a grand show. Sure. Until you think about it further and realize it must have originated from organ stops which makes it 500% more nerdy.   Maybe I feel this way because I am familiar with organ stops and, though I have great respect for the proficient organist (especially one who pulls out all the stops)  it's just so super nerdy. (no offense)
  • Another friend recently vented her frustrations with people misusing the word "literally."  Her frustrations escalated with a recent experience when she was at lunch with friends, one of whom said to the others, "No, really. Lunch is literally on me."   Really?? was her mental response, before her brain exploded.  It's ON your lap?  Made me laugh, and I plan to adopt this as well.
  • If someone were to ask me, "what's one of the most worthwhile things you do in your life?"  I would say, "write letters."   I feel so good when i do it, I love doing it, it makes my brain and hands work, i get to use my stickers, (the recipient gets to see my stickers) and it's a universal truth that getting a letter in the mail is the best thing ever.   If anyone out there wants me to write a letter to them, even if i don't know you well or at all, i'd totally do it. I'm serious. Send me your address.  I should start a website called "sad & lonely" and sign people up to receive and send letters.  Ha ha, i'm now laughing at the name of my website. It's gonna work.
  • Remember how our apartment is on the ground floor, so the busy sidewalk and street are right out the window and if people pause to have a conversation right there, we can hear every word? A few nights ago at about 1am, we were awoken by a loud "rap rap rap!" on our bedroom window. Sometimes people knock on the window when they can't find the doorbell. I hate it, but I get it. But not at 1am. We bolted up and Sean peeked out. Someone was out there, talking on a cell phone.  And they desperately needed to get in.   He was speaking in a different language but Sean said he thought he heard him say "let me in!" at one point. Sean went to use the bathroom, and i rolled over and went back to sleep.  Can you imagine? Kind of scary, right?  Yet we've grown totally accustomed to things like this. Still, not my favorite way of being woken up. 
  • This may be a premature statement, but I'm pretty sure I'm never going to be one of those people who makes or prepares large amounts of food and then stores the rest of it.  I'm more of an "eat as you go along" kind of person. Or a "grasshopper" vs. an ant.  I don't know why i quoted grasshopper. (oh no, i'm becoming one of these people!) One time Sean and I tried to can peaches and after grueling efforts and 6 small jars that semi-worked we were like, "this sucks. C'mon, let's go get some pizza."  On this note, so who's going to let me stay with them when the apocalypse comes?
  • I'm making some lasagna right now but I'm totally lazy about it. I do one thing every 10 minutes. It's going to take me longer to make this lasagna than it will to cook it, and it's a recipe for crockpot lasagna.


MelBroek said...

I love this post - a lot. I especially like that you're so lazy about a CROCK POT lasagna. Hilarious.

I can just see you putting a layer of noodles down and then walking away... then spreading some sauce on and wandering over to your computer... so great.

Also I'm guessing my little brothers could give you a run for your money (what's the origin of THAT?) in the terrible gift-wrapping department.

)en said...

That's exactly how it happened. When you said "I can just see you..." did you mean literally??? :D

Alanna said...

I'm so the same as you on so many of these things. But especially the gift-wrapping thing. I always manage to cut the paper either just an inch short on one side, rendering it absolutely useless. Or else I cut it about five times bigger than it needed to be, making it look stupid. I like how for baby showers it's totally acceptable to use a gift bag, though. I don't know why that is, but I LOVE gift bags! (Although I'm always too cheap/lazy to bother putting that paper in them to make them look nice!)

So did I ever tell you that your blog was the main reason I decided to start a blog? Every blog I'd ever read was super annoying (like Seriously So Blessed, except for real), and I was ranting to Natalie about how much I hated blogs when she suggested I check yours out. "Jen's blog is really fun to read-- you'll like it," she promised me.

Reading and enjoying your blog so much made me want to start my own. (Well, that, and getting annoyed every time my in-laws talked about how they loved my sister-in-law's blog, when hers is one of the annoying ones. I knew I could write a blog that was more enjoyable to read than hers. I get competitive about the WEIRDEST things some times.)

Anyway. Long and rambling story, but the point is, I love your blog!

)en said...

Awww, that is the nicest thing anyone's every commented to me!!! :D
I hear you on those blogs. And I think your blog is great. You are funny and interesting and achieve a good balance of kid stuff (of which yours is never boring) and other. Kudos.

)en said...

p.s. i had to comment on my second comment and say this: that comment isn't funny because i used "literally" correctly. I know that, and just needed to tell you.

Jill said...

I hope no offense was me, because I know a girl who did that. She also used to write lists of everyone's bad qualities at girl's camp

Britta said...

I'm totally a nerd because I love finding out where expressions come from. Just a couple days ago I was hung up on "grasping at straws." Now I feel smart for understanding it.

*snort* (push up bridge of glasses.)

Amber Alvarez said...

Ahem. Jill, 'no offense' was me. No offense...