Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 5: Cold... so very very cold.

Ah, camping. I really enjoy camping. I love to wake up to the chilly air, the rain pounding on the tent. Me, warm in my sleeping bag. Preparing and eating meals is an adventure because you have to make do with what you have and you really enjoy it because that's it. Your only source of warmth is a crackling fire and the smell of smoke stains your clothes and the clothes you're folding to put away from doing laundry---wwait, what? Oh THAT'S right. I'm actually NOT camping.  But that is what Sean and I have told ourselves this day since we woke up to subfreezing temperatures, tried to find some food and stumbled upon a can of turkey chili, (which is completely our fault since we went shopping yesterday. I think all we got were snacky things) tried to use a can opener that didn't work so Sean hacked the can open with a bottle opener.  It just was funny that it was chili.  And, the house has no working heat. I did not officially know this until this morning when I texted the previous babysitter, "p.s. any tips on getting the heat to come on?"  and she said, "No, heat doesn't work-- they mentioned that. You could start a fire though..."   Which really amused me.  

Through the week, it's been quite chilly and drafty but i thought this was mostly due to my inability to work the thermostat and also the doors were open all day every day due to the construction. Outside temps stayed around 70 or below and so this morning the torrential rains really brought the temp way way way down. 

A dialogue:

Jen: If I pretend I'm camping then this is much easier and a lot more fun! And normal.

Sean: Oh yeah..? Like, this is a pretty fancy cabin!

Jen: Yeah!  And layering ourselves to stay warm, totally normal. And I always love a campfire!

After our lunch we built a fire and huddled close to it as we folded laundry and ate chocolate and it all was really quite cozy. 

I love camping!


Joel said...

Whoa, there. "The previous babysitter?" How long are these people abandoning their children? Go read Horton Hatches the Egg. You've been had.

lindsey v said...

You are such a nice friend to help them like this. But I do think you got a little bit tricked. You should only watch kids for an extended amount of time if you have the same number of kids and you swap vacations. That way when it gets tough, you can tell yourself, "Just wait till they have my kids- HAHAHA! HAHAHAAAAAA!"
See? It just brings your joy level right up.
There's just no way for them to pay you back. Unless they watch your kid AND pay for your trip. (Sorry friends!)
But it sounds like they are cute kids and that you are surviving (barely). (Under construction? No heat?) (Come on friends!)