Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Dreams

So I have to admit, I'm kind of into the whole royal wedding. At first i was like, eh, it's interesting, exciting, sure.. but i'm not CRAZY for it.  But yeah, it's cool.  Was i going to watch it? Maybe, but maybe not.  And then I had a dream that I was invited to the wedding and Kate Middleton was criticizing everything I was wearing, throwing a huge fit that I wasn't proper enough or classy enough, that I was a disgrace. She even tore a ring off my hand (i think it was a twig wrapped in a coil around my finger--??)   You'd think this would turn me off to the wedding and i'd turn my nose up at it saying, who needs YOU, Will & Kate? (Why'd you invite me, anyway)

But, as dreams have a weird way of manufacturing feelings regarding people you've never thought twice about, I now feel bizarrely drawn to Kate, and instead of resenting her, I find myself desperately wanting to be best friends and to have her royal approval, to prove to her that I can be classy and regal and a worthy invitee to a royal wedding. 

Are you going to wake up and watch it? I have friends who are going to watch it on a big screen by the Bklyn Bridge, and wearing a hat is mandatory. I would do it if my survival weren't seriously threatened by what getting up at 4am would do.  But maybe I'll write a letter to the couple instead? Just to wish them a friendly congratulations. I'm sure they'd like that. "Just love me, Kate... loooove meeeee!


Joel said...

Wow. You just overloaded the stalker meter.

Natalie R. said...

Ha ha, that's hilarious! I haven't paid any attention to the whole thing, but I hope you get a personalized invitation! ;0)