Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This clever acronym stands for Thankful For My Mother Now That I'm A Mother.  And i just had a TFMMNTIAM moment.

Was cleaning the toilet, and whilst doing so, making sure to clean everywhere on it because Julian likes to play near it and put things on the lid. I know it's only a matter of time before he learns to lift the lid and destroy all he holds dear but until then, he is content to just play by it.  Knowing how foulsome and germy toilets are, i wanted to do a good job of cleaning it, and I did.

I then had a sudden flashback to all the times i had the pukes in my youth and would lie curled up either on the bathmat, at the base of the toilet, or intimately hugging, clutching the toilet like it was my bosom buddy (and let's face it, it was). EWWWW.   And i have to think that no one but my mom was cleaning the toilet, and I know I took that for granted--it never even crossing my mind.  Thanks Mom, for cleaning the toilet, especially for times I embraced it while puking my guts out. Maybe one day Julian will thank me for cleaning a toilet he played with like it was his BFF.


Brooke said...

Three cheers for Dot and all the other toilet cleaning moms out there! Seriously.

Joel said...

I often have TTIGTOTWIOBHWTKAD moments (Thankful That I Get To Go To Work Instead Of Being Home With The Kids All Day).